Sunday, July 27, 2014

Aubrey's 10

Aubrey is 10!

It is fun to think about…a 10 year old.  When I look back it seem like the time has past, 10 years of memories and moment.  10 years of growing and learning.  10!!

Aubrey went from being shy and oh so very quiet to opinionated, laughing, and a little bit outgoing when in a comfortable situation.  She stands strong and never wavers.  She is kind and loves to ride her bike.  She loves to go to church and she loves to play barbies.
She is wonderful and fun to be around.
 Aubrey doesn't like having her picture taken unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary and by then I have one shot.  No more.  She loves school and she loves to draw.
 For Aubrey's 10th birthday she wanted a Candy Land party, similar to Ainsley's the year before.  So we invited her new friends and a special SURPRISE old friend to make the party great!
 The string game.. it was very hard to put together and time consuming but the girls loved it!
 While some friends slide right through, others struggled :)
 The Candy Bar game.  Aubrey ended up with the most at the end!  She pays extreme attention and is so quiet that by the time everyone realized she was dominating it was WAY TOO LATE!!
 Decorate your own rainbow cupcake.  The girls thought those were the coolest and most delicious dessert ever!  Andy also made homemade pizza and purple punch guaranteed smiles and endless laughs!
 Along with collecting candy from around the house the girls made a fun craft!  Lollipop bouquet!
 A lot of girls added their own flare!  Aubrey loved seeing Dasia again and boy have we missed having her around!

 We ended with the punch game and the present game.  They were a fun group of girls and some even stayed until 9:00pm!!

This will be a fun year!!  Happy Birthday Aubrey!
A picture from last month…I never got a chance to post it because the camera has been MIA for a month but we has such a wonderful day at the temple.  Walking and watching a bridal party.  Tate said he would like us to build a house across the street because he loved it so much.  I told him then he would always have to wear pants outside…He said he would think about it!