Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Day in A Life: October

A Day in A Life: October

I would say this was a pretty normal day.  Busy, with a touch of dramatic is how we do things here.
I wake the kids up at 6:40am…showers, begging the kids to take showers, and then making sure they really shower is always a WAKE UP CALL!  
Getting my children to dress in weather appropriate clothes, mostly impossible with Caleb but Ainsley half did it.  I made her put a warm skirt over her leggings so her bum wouldn't get cold!
 Ainsley throws on her gross shoes and one child done! Braiding Aubrey's hair, getting her the required 2 breakfast bars, making sure Caleb brushes his teeth, and begging him to wear a sweatshirt (no luck).
 With all of the morning hustle Tate is content in his box watching Wild Krats.  If only all my kids could be 4th children! :)
 Trash Day…get in the car before 7:25am with Aubrey and make sure the other 2 are on the way to the bus stop WITH their backpacks.  
Drop Aubrey off for student council and head to McDonalds with Tate to get him a breakfast burrito/hash brown because he was so good!  We love driving threw the airbase on the way home, sometimes we see the double army helicopters taking off!

 Hour by hour directions for the dinner Brisket.  
(which has seriously gone up in price!!!!!!)
 Work on my lesson for Sunday while I wait for Tate to hand me his shoes so we can make it to his play date on time.  No pictures, but perfect weather!
Come home and make lunch.  Do laundry, dishes, and walk the dog.
Also, calling the school to discuss the upcoming school directory that I was put in charge of, no luck.
Soccer was cancelled so, 4:30…3 different sets of homework (an hour each)…I have a love-hate relationship with common core, depending on the child. 
 The usual afternoon meltdown over a homework folder and the spelling of Make vs Made.  Also, a black folder but it got pretty intense and I couldn't understand…I just tried to hug and console!
 Homemade dinner leftover from last night.  It was "flavorless" according to Andy (I never have to wonder why my kids are so picky and hate everything I make)  I loved it, so I ate if for dinner while  half of the other children ate Brisket!
Ainsley's reward.  After months of trying an 'x' system I needed them to truly understand the importance of the rules/discipline I have and the long term rewards that come to everyone involved.  After 7 days of eating the dinners I made (without complain), doing homework without complaint, helping around the house, and offering to clean Tate's room (he couldn't find the right super hero and destroyed his room while looking for it) Ainsley earned the dinner of her choice with a milk shake upgrade.  I think that 2 of the other 3 with start taking it more seriously because YUM YUM that looked good!!!
After Ainsely's reward I hustled Aubrey/Caleb in the car because I had NO idea what Tuesday of the month it is…only to find out that it's the 1st Tuesday of the month so no scouts or activity days.  We live to far away from the church for me to drive them back home so they had to find something to do while I had my YW meeting.  
Coming home at 9:00pm to a $300 broken decoration I guess is better than last week when Tate's face was bruised and bleeding from his bike accident:(  
Win some you loose some.  Played with Winston a little, gave Tate some water, sang a song to Caleb, and the night was done.  It was an absolute normal day for me:)

I must add that I am sad this project is ending.  I enjoyed it and reading everyone else's as well!  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Boy or Girl?
Real Due Date?
How far along am I?
How do I feel?
What about a name?

It like 50 questions up in here!!!  Well…

Tate is beyond over joyed.  I knew it was going to be a boy because that is what Andy wanted and for the last 4 babies he got exactly what he wanted!!  
I am excited too.  Boys, while destructive are not as dramatic!!  

I am almost 20 weeks, due February 26th that puts me at the beginning of February (hopefully, not sooner)!
I don't really like when people ask me how I am feeling.  I feel like I should lie and say good.  The truth is my pregnancies are miserable, I throw up all night and most of the day.  Smells make me throw up and stress makes me throw up.  It is nice not having 3 little kids home all day with me, but during the hours I feel okay I have to rush to get everything done!!
A name…we have the perfect girl name picked out.  We can't decide on a boy name…my guess is we will decide in the hospital minutes before his birth!
Our house is extremely excited…every little thing, every hour, and every day the kids are just happy and excited about it!  My sister is due right after me so I am triple excited to find out if she is having a boy or girl!