Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Day In A Life: June

A Day In A Life: June
Yes, I did the wrong date because when June 4th came to an end I was like..what was today, OH NO RATS!!  I need to print myself off a calendar and stick it to every bathroom mirror, garage door, and front door.  Then I won't be so confused about life all of the time!  So, this is June 5th.  I have enjoyed doing this every month and while my days are constantly boring and mostly the same at least I can say I have routine!! SMILIE FACE!  
On a happy note I did get 14 pictures.  14 pictures, on the 4th (ooops 5th), published on the 24th.  So very close.
 Our 5th started at 6am per usual with the tooth fairy who is apparently not as generous as the tooth fairy in Missouri at Grandpa and Grandma Griner's house.  Aubrey made sure to voice her opinion and to state she is questioning the entire existence of the tooth fairy.  At almost 10..I think she has had a good run.  This was the BIGGEST tooth I have ever seen which had Andy and me calling Paul (Grandma Griner) at 10 or so the night before to make sure she didn't pull out her nice tooth.  He is alway so kind to calm me down.  Oh the blood, yuck.  It was super gross!
 With lots of rain and a lot of driving to do I dropped Caleb off at the Cub Scout drop off location, Aubrey off at Summer School and headed to the other side of town to pick up Coltin for our 2nd day of babysitting while his mom was at the Far West Girls Camp!!  Coloring master pieces and being Ainsley's buddy was lots of fun.  I was able to get cleaning done and Tate let me cut his hair! 
 The rain cleared up and it heated up so when we drove back into town to pick up Aubrey we picked up 2 more friends from the other side of town and we all went to the pool.  Fun Fun!  Ainsley loves to go off the diving board and they let her go down the slides this year.  They do not let her go in the lazy river without me but she doesn't complain she just enjoys all the friends!
 Tate finally remembers that he already knows how to swim which is a giant relief.  He wanted to go off the diving board today but because I had a little guy in a lifejacket with me he was upset.  
 Aubrey was ready to master the obstacle corse!
 At 4:00 we headed to the scout pick up.  Caleb looked so absolutely dirty I wasn't sure if he was ever going to be clean!  BOYS!  Shooting, Bow/Arrows, Painting..all things I am glad they do there!  They also did a rock wall.  We drove to drop off Coltin, stopped at a park to play, and headed home.  
 While at a stop light, the look on your sons face when an IPAD and a Kindle are playing two different versions of the Frozen song and the entire van of girls are singing at the top of their lungs!!!  GIRLS!
 MURTLE!  I have caught the fastest turtle ever.  The 4 box turtle we previously had that escaped have nothing on MURTLE 2.   He is creepy fast!  The kids wanted to see who he would crawl to first!  
 Who has a cute new hair cut?!
In honor of FROZEN still being stuck in everyones head, I threw Frozen food in the oven (hahaha, I felt it was the only time I could justify it: chicken nuggets and french fries…ice-cream and frozen grapes on the side) and I made enchiladas for Andy and me.  Yum Yum, adult food.
 The candy bar game with a homemade dice because we didn't have one in all of our games!!
 The flyers for the girls plays.  I am sure the neighbors already had a FROZEN earful when they were "secretly "practicing in the driveway.  They even had the neighbors sign their flyers!  The older girls were at 9:00pm and the younger girls were at 10:00pm.  I had no idea that the older girls skit was going to be a full  HOUR LONG!!!  
 It had comedy and solo's.
 It had dancing, heart-wrenching drama, and a dress change.  It was award winning!  Truly.
Then the younger girls..it lasted about 10 minutes with sing-a-longs, a best friend song written by them, and I am a child of God.

The night ended at 11:57pm, the boys were sound asleep in their room, the older girls were in a room making a book and watching Matilda, Andy was asleep by about 3 hours,  I think I fell asleep on the younger girls bed before they fell asleep.  As always it was a "We make it by" kind of day!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


                                                                               NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED.
                                                                               sO MUCH RAIN!
                                                                               cHILLED TO THE BONE!
 Summer School and Cub Scout Camp.  
50/50 meet in half.  Aubrey would not complain about summer school if she didn't have to ride the bus.  UHG!  Really…do you know how far far away her school is…how much time I will spend in the car now.  It's just not good, but yes, this is what I will do.  Cub Scout Camp, after much deliberation we decided to send him with our ward.  He had a blast.  Such a dirty kid!
 I do not just speak to fill the silence.  I am not a radio, the million times since January I have said please close your doors, keep your rooms clean, do not leave things on the floor.  I say this with love.  Head phones are Winstons favorite thing.  He loves them.  This is his 5th pair.  He finds them. 
 He destroys them!
 MURTLE 2 yellow belly turtle.  so fast and awesome! long creepy nails.  
 Hurtle.  red eared turtle.  super extra fast and awesome!  long creep nails!!
We like to race the two.  I never thought that in my mom description this summer it would be catching 6 turtle, researching them, and protecting them from Tate.  Oh, neither turtle likes to be rained on and both are not scared of Winston.
 Winston likes to skateboard.  He is rather good!  At first no one believed me.  Odd because I have SOOO much time to think of weird things like Winston can skateboard?  Okay.
 We can watch him forever!  So very funny and yes, we still have him on the his leash because he is a runner.
 Tate likes to take Hurtle for a ride.
 Ainsley's pretty dress from Armenia! Her Uncle Zorhab gave it to her!
While skateboarding, rollerskating, and all the stuff that the kids do outside because it is way to cold to go to the pool they thought it was cool that I was going to sand down a frame and asked to help.  It turned out awesome and just needs one more white coat!  They had fun doing something secret for Aubrey too!

We like the dark rainy days but we do not like all the cold.  NO NO NO!  We love summer!  We have waited all year for summer.  It is our season!