Wednesday, June 11, 2014


                                                                               NOT WHAT WE EXPECTED.
                                                                               sO MUCH RAIN!
                                                                               cHILLED TO THE BONE!
 Summer School and Cub Scout Camp.  
50/50 meet in half.  Aubrey would not complain about summer school if she didn't have to ride the bus.  UHG!  Really…do you know how far far away her school is…how much time I will spend in the car now.  It's just not good, but yes, this is what I will do.  Cub Scout Camp, after much deliberation we decided to send him with our ward.  He had a blast.  Such a dirty kid!
 I do not just speak to fill the silence.  I am not a radio, the million times since January I have said please close your doors, keep your rooms clean, do not leave things on the floor.  I say this with love.  Head phones are Winstons favorite thing.  He loves them.  This is his 5th pair.  He finds them. 
 He destroys them!
 MURTLE 2 yellow belly turtle.  so fast and awesome! long creepy nails.  
 Hurtle.  red eared turtle.  super extra fast and awesome!  long creep nails!!
We like to race the two.  I never thought that in my mom description this summer it would be catching 6 turtle, researching them, and protecting them from Tate.  Oh, neither turtle likes to be rained on and both are not scared of Winston.
 Winston likes to skateboard.  He is rather good!  At first no one believed me.  Odd because I have SOOO much time to think of weird things like Winston can skateboard?  Okay.
 We can watch him forever!  So very funny and yes, we still have him on the his leash because he is a runner.
 Tate likes to take Hurtle for a ride.
 Ainsley's pretty dress from Armenia! Her Uncle Zorhab gave it to her!
While skateboarding, rollerskating, and all the stuff that the kids do outside because it is way to cold to go to the pool they thought it was cool that I was going to sand down a frame and asked to help.  It turned out awesome and just needs one more white coat!  They had fun doing something secret for Aubrey too!

We like the dark rainy days but we do not like all the cold.  NO NO NO!  We love summer!  We have waited all year for summer.  It is our season!  

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