Saturday, May 24, 2014

Watch Me As I Graduate!

Ainsley can tie her shoe, add, take away, and count past 100.  She can read, rhyme, and she knows all of her sight words.  She can cut on the line and color, she knows her shapes, even the 3D ones, and she can tell you positive attributes of being a friend because she is all done with Kindergarten.   
She started kindergarten in pigtails and with no front teeth having been taught by the most incredible preschool teacher Miss Susan I knew she would be off to a great start.  She was ready to make new friends, to be a good friend, and to help.  She has had an amazing year.  She soaked up knowledge and begged for more to learn.  She came home from school every day with homework 1st priority.  Reading, books a must,  and how many sight words can I memorize?!!!  She loved her teacher, she loved everything about school!  She talked about Wyatt and Zalma.  She always said, sang knew songs, and spelt knew words to  me.  She loved kindergarten.  

Ainsley new principal, new principal to the school as well.  With the new discipline "clip up", we have done that at home too and it works great, she has enjoyed being good and making good choices so she can "CLIP UP" to the principal!!
 She had an amazing teacher who was patient and kind.
Who answered questions and sent emails and notes home.  Who communicated about day to day activities and informed us on behavior and new things to work on.  A teacher (bless her) who put up with the 1D obsession and the coughs of Octobers!!  I don't think Ainsley could have had a better year!
She is a 1st grader now!!!  Oh boy!!!

Now onto the rest of the day…Imagine my surprise when I show up early for Ainsley's graduation (in the poring rain) to help the PTO set up, when I hear a funny comment: "Sara, did a bring a chair to camp out!"  
I thought that was odd.  I thought it was referring to me being at the school all week helping finishing up with some testing, helping with water games, the ice-cream thing, and a couple of other things. BUT then they said, "How many Award Ceremony's are you here for today?"
Odd because I have no idea what they are talking about.  Really.  I was so exhausted.  I have been cleaning and preparing my house for the kids out of school transformation all week.  Today I have a couple of hours left.  I had found a friend to watch Tate (I had bargained Tate in exchange for me watching all 4 of her kids…it is a fair trade, trust me) so that I could enjoy the 1 hour of Ainsley's Graduation.  I just smiled/nod, until I put there comments together.
Apparently it is award day.  Caleb at 11:00.  Aubrey at 1:00.  SAY WHAT?!!!  I start thinking.  What are they wearing?!  Why did they not tell me?  Why didn't I get an email?  Man, CALEB!!!!  So, a day in town it was.  A long Tate day.  He lasted about 10 minutes after I picked him up until he was no fun, a cranky, heavy unbearable Tate is just a loud bundle of mess.  He found a rock so that helped a little.  
 Caleb's award was PROBLEM SOLVER.  He has has a good year.  He loves math, reading, running, skateboarding, and basketball.  Basketball non-stop.  He is still really into science and can tell anything about sharks, wards, turtles, snakes, rocks, and other bugs.  He is finally getting some inches on him (a couple-ish)!  He likes to hang out with Turner and we still pick up Aiden even though we were switched to Gardner Ward.  He likes to wear those basketball shorts though…man oh man! :)
 Caleb's teacher wishes he would relax his face when he smiles…we love him no matter what.
 Aubrey got the "Life Saver" award!  She had a great year!  She enjoyed hanging out with Bailey and Natalie.  We found out that Michael and Wyatt live through the woods so we are going to have a fun summer!  Aubrey loves volleyball and love to run!  Aubrey really loved her teacher this year, she was very soft spoken and kind.  A fun fit for Aubrey.
To end the day..the pinewood derby.  Just in case we don't have enough to do on this super busy day.  Caleb was excited to race against ELI!  Eli ended up with 3rd!!!  Caleb did pretty okay!!  It was an added bonus not to have air condition in the gym.  One of the scouts little 6 year old sisters ended up winning 1st, it was fun and our wards very first pinewood derby race!   What a way to end the night!

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