Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Day in a Life: May

A Day in a Life: May

I actually did May 3rd,  in fairness I had my dates wrong so I thought it was the 4th, I need a calendar on my mirror!
With the 81 temperature.  Clear Sky.  Lawn Mowed.  Oh happy day!   
Of course, there is a minor problem in the morning when it's a soccer game vs the relief society activity that your husband forgot about!!  Having spent 2 years planning the Relief Society Activities and since I am in YW's I do not know a lot a lot of the women in the ward that we were switched to and since the activities fall on the same night as YW/scouts I do not get to go.   After I got the kids ready I was able to go to the RS activity.  (late but better than nothing)  Odd, also…every outlet my blow dryer plugged into shorted out.  Then I realized Winston bit a giant chunk in it.  What a bummer.  So……onto the pictures.
 Drinking water is a serious thing.  Not taken lightly.   Tate has to drink his water like this.  It gives him extra strength!
 Trying to catch the dog to kennel before we leave the house.  Not an easy thing sometimes, especially on RARE nice days!
 Ainsley and Tate's soccer game.  Ainsley got to play against her friend Autumn.  She stole the ball a couple of times and helped on defense!  She is excited for the all girl league next year, even though she was asked to move up with her boy team!  

 Ainsley scored a goal and after the game both Ainsley and Tate received glow in the dark awards!!!  Very cool! (Tate said very loud Why did I get an award, I didn't do anything…poor kid.  He did improve and I love him, but soccer his not his sport.  He made a bunch of friends and didn't give up, he stuck it out all season long, even when he was 2 grades younger than everyone!!  Way to go Tate!!)
 Winston was determined not to have his nap time interrupted by kids (Caleb was home sick on Thursday and he was all messed up.  Tate wasn't at preschool on Friday and he was like WHAT!!!)  Aubrey felt bad for him and let him use her blanket all afternoon.
 I felt like it was a poor choice  of nap places because it took about 5 minutes for Ainlsey and Tate to barge in and ask to go to Neva's house.  Poor lazy buddy.
 Tate's first non family/ family friend party.  It was a princess party.  He picked the present out himself and it was a pretty big deal.  He slept with his costume the night before and it was a count down all day!  While Tate was at the party I took the girls to Frontier Park.   He had a blast and shared all of his candy with Aubrey and Ainsley!
 Ainsley showing Winston how to do tricks.  He just wanted to be lazy.  
We missed Caleb today while he was at Grandma Griner's house.  He called and was having so much fun looking for rocks, making crystals, planting flowers, and helping with cleaning.   They went on the Katy Trail and Caleb help with some planting at his Grandpa's Dental Office too.  He loves going there!
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Ella said...

As always, love reading about your life ! Your kids are hilarious!

Kristina Knight said...

Oh, that pup! :D Great pictures, Sara...and bebe would agree with Tate on the extra-strength water!

Clair said...

oh that Winston! Can't wait to see the big guy in person. :)