Monday, May 5, 2014

Unicorns and Cotton Candy

Unicorns and Cotton Candy vs Reality

I often  wander if my family lives in a Reality or a magical universe filled with happy Unicorns and Cotton Candy.  I think if you lived next door to me and you saw my face of shock and confusion you would think I am in a constant state of confusion.  Maybe so, maybe so.  BUT not for just any reason.  Things happen.  Not just the busy hustle and bustle of the week…like when I turn my head and my daughter changes her close right before catching the bus or I run after my son because he leaves his sweatshirt in the garage.   Or the neighbor rings my doorbell laughing holding onto my dog.   No, no.  Things like this…
 1.  My husband asks, while I am at soccer practice,  if $45 of pork is a lot and I say yes (he is usually not the meat purchaser).  I say DO NOT make that purchase I will go in the morning.  Next thing you know every crockpot in full of pork (we are not typically this kind of pork eaters).  I could say that every time for the next month that I open my fridge a confused look comes on my face and I shake me head.  YES,  because I who makes the meals would have no idea how much meat for an average meal or leftovers or even a week of meals we eat?  
On a happy note it was good, the kids liked it and I did have enough storage containers for it. I told the kids it was chicken (NOT WILBER, Aubrey is reading Charolettes Web in class), so I felt pretty pretty crafty!
 2.  Winston covers himself.  He covered himself so good the other day that I seached the entire house, the farm, and our subdivision.  He was right there the entire time.  A shake of the head and a "Well, okay then."
 3.  Ainsley.  I am so very aware that she does not live in a real world.  Her Unicorn/Cotton Candy life is a world I would like her to have for a long time.  She likes to be a teacher (pictured above) to all of her students.
 4.  Being a Teacher is exhausting!! That can't be a comfortable way to fall asleep though, house shoes on and two pair of pajamas.
 5.  When I tried to put her to bed the right way she wanted to make sure all of her "students" had a nap time next to her.  Her reality is magical, every day is still the best day of her entire life or the absolute worst.  An example of the absolute worst day of her entire life is when her shoe came untied.  I asked her if she tied it?  She said yes.  I look confused and she said well…it was an inconvenience during reading.  Wo!!  Talk about a bad day!
 6.  When you wake up, do you want to be the one who wake up next to Tate?  What happens during nap time to make hair look like that??  There are no words.  Will he let me fix it?  No, why.. he is just going to play in the fields.  At least he will have clothes on and his trusty side kick, Winston.
 7.  If you feed the dog your pizza and he gets sick, you are responsible for cleaning him.  It's my unfortunate mistake for not putting him in my bath.  I had wanted to take a bath and so I had Ainsley clean him in her shower, I forgot out the shaking.  Water everywhere.  I just felt we could not recover from that.  We need to move!!!  I made all the kids clean the bathroom, write confessions, and walk the dog until he was dry.  Of course, I had to re clean the bathroom 3 times.  No fun, OH DOGS!
8.  The accident.  Less than a week after the gifted skateboard there was the accident.  He was pretty excited to go to preschool and "show and tell" his face!  That is just terrible!  I was sad and confused…where was his helmet??

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I always live reading about your wild and fun life!