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April: A Day in a life


I have really enjoyed being a part of this project.  Linking to and being able to read all the other blogs it takes me too.  It really is great to see how everyone else spends their day, how different, and a little the same we are.  April 4th was a kind of a tough day for me.  My aunt had past away earlier in the week and her funeral was on that day.  So, I was kind of thinking about my mom and family on this day.  
As Fridays go though….they are a busy day.  We should call it surviving Friday.
  At night time we kennel our Bulldog Winston.  Some might ask, Why haven't you trained your dog to be good at night?  Ha!  It is not that I think he will have accidents or anything like that.  I am talking full "Turner and Hooch" here.  I am sure he would learn to open the fridge with all that spare time.  Unfortunately Winston is scared to death of storms.  Living in Kansas this is going to be a problem for the spring.  It has also left me without sleep (I do not do well without sleep, emotional and some what insane after 3 nights of storms) since he couldn't be kenneled and I couldn't let him roam it was a long Friday morning.
Thursday night, Friday morning nights hale..
 Since Thursdays are a crazy day for us…library group, Tate went bowling, soccer (in the cold rain), scouts, and mutual  I was super tired from loss of sleep instead of signing everything the night before I waited until Friday morning.  I can never find pens when I need them so markers do just fine.
 By April binders are falling apart, bags are ripping, and school supplies are dwindling (even though Caleb got a new binder in January and most of the kids reloaded on supplies).  I think with some tape they can pull through.  Only a little over a month left!!
 Since Caleb said he had a free homework pass and I saw no evidence of this so (Aubrey laughed…of course) I out rule him and he had to go to school with me, since it was my day to do testing in Kindergarten.  Snooze ya loose!  It was also day 3 of a 8 day spirit week leading up to state testing so they had to wear warm-up clothes!  Lucky because it was cold outside.
 Tate wanted to take this pillow case with a sheet shoved into it for show and tell but with a little redirection he took his new flip flops.  
After Ainsley and Aubrey hopped on the bus.  Caleb had an hour to think about the importance of homework while he went with me to drive Tate to the other side of town for preschool.  He let me know he will do his homework at the beginning of the week from now on.  
 I love helping in kindergarten and since I get to see Ainsley in her element and I can see why the teacher is always praising her.  She is a helper, an over achiever, and a pleaser.  On her weekly progress report it is so fun to see her teacher always say the nicest things about her and on her report card to…but when I ask her to empty her backpack she is an absolute slob!!  She just shoves stuff in there and grabs handfuls and handfuls out!  Its never ending and every pocket has something.  Caleb is the same way!  Thank goodness for Aubrey, at least one paper I sign isn't crumbled before I get it!
Tate "I think it is good not very."  Trying new things right now is not really what he does.  (You can see the piece of hair he chopped out)
 Aubrey is our "special eater".  Since she is allergic to everything and skinny skinny skinny.  Anything she asks for right now we like to give her.  Usually I have to make everything for scratch.  I usually bargain a pediasure and 3 bites here or there because she has to have all the food groups!
 Ainsley took this picture.  Winston is a beast now.  He doesn't like it when you say "Say Cheese Winston."  He fits into our family perfectly and I often wonder if he and Tate knew each other in a different life.  They are way too much alike!  Creepy!
Winston has his lazy spots, he doesn't really ever change, he just rotates from nap spot to nap spot.  He likes to stay by the door in hopes that we feel compassion and let him out without his leash…ending in Caleb chasing and tackling.  I will have to take a picture of Caleb diving to grab Winston.  It is pretty funny! Living so close to the golf course and the farms is like heaven for a dog, a fence will help with the sanity. 

Also, on Friday I got another bid for the fence (4th) and Andy's mom came up so we could go to a friends 40th surprise birthday get together.  That is our 3rd friend who turned 40 this year.  It must be a popular year.  She had made a comment that 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20.  I about vomited!!  I have waited my entire life to be 30, what if I miss it!!! :)  We can't have that! 

As for turning 40, I am not sure what can possibly be so bad about it.  Life is such a precious gift, full of accomplishments, acquaintances, friendships, relationships, family, and obstacles that you have powered through.  It is a celebration!  All 3 of these 40 year olds have raised incredible children, and I looked to them often as examples, and for silent advise.  While I will be at a different place in my life when I am 40, at least I know it will be okay (if the teenage years do not kill me first, having an almost 10 year old is an extremely dramatic thing already..actually having an Ainsley is always dramatic)!  I will just focus on making it to 30, IT'S GOING TO BE INCREDIBLE!!

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