Monday, April 21, 2014

Snow, Easter, and a tan all in the same week!

Snow, Easter, and a tan all in the same week!

Halfway through April lawn mowing has started, trying to figure out how to take care of the plants/bush from some place evil haunt my dreams, state testing,  and the discovery that over winter your child is now way too tall for her bike and spring clothes.  Her sassy attitude that comes with getting older has grown as well.  April! 

 Ainsley has learned some fun soccer moves and was excited to finally play against another girl.  She isn't afraid to get in there and her coach is really great.  Teacher her cool foot tricks and everything that is involved with soccer.    

 Tate is always away from the ball.  Every once in a while he will get in there (with the bribe of going to the sand park after) but for the most part when he is playing the poor "Red Fire Sharks" play 2 vs 3.  
We did go to the park after and then the weather was so nice we went back after lunch.  All 5 of us enjoyed the bright sun and ended up with funky tan lines!
Then the snow came.  Winston got out and I spent 40 minutes looking for him.  I was worried he was chasing balls on the golf course but we went EAST instead and hung out at the farm.  I was not a happy personal, I was scared that he was hurt, and it was snowing like crazy while I was looking for him.  WINSTON!!
 Easter, our decision was to take Winston to Windsor with us.  We had a full load.  Everyone travelled well but Winston wasn't able to take his usual naps because of all the NOISE and excitement.  We had a good time with the Clinton Ward and then we went to Andy's parents for the day.
I couldn't get everyone to wear pink but I did get everyone to wear blue.  It was a monument day really.  The kids haven't all matched since they were little.  I just hid all their other clothes except for a pink outfit and blue outfit.  That really helped them decide to match, either match or be naked but as long as it was THEIR choice there were no tears or complains. 
 By huddling in a ball Tate thought I couldn't see him sneaking food early.  Can you see him?  
From this day I learned a lot .  I forget how little Tate is.  His excitement over his Easter basket "This is what I always dreamed of wanting" or "I love this" over the simplest of dollar store items.  After spending a week going over the real meaning of EASTER and since Caleb doesn't believe in it I spend $15 tops on each basket.  I didn't want anything to be taken aways for the day and they loved there baskets just as much.  *Note:  Not pictured is the look on my face when Caleb woke up and saw me filling the baskets.  He doesn't believe in that stuff anymore (thanks to a bunch of big mouth kids) but I was so sad when he saw me.  
 Tate has been struggling with ear infections and allergies for the past week BUT cranky hit a whole new level right after church.  I often wonder how a cute sleeper can turn into an uncooperative mess in just hours.  He didn't want to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt either.
 Grass stains, egg hunt, yummy dinner & deserts.  Perfect weather made the day awesome!
 All Tate needs is his Grandma!

*Ainsley has grown into a GIANT.  She has become very tall either over night or I was paying close attention.  Her church dresses are too short, her rear fills her shorts, and her pants look like she is waiting for a flood.  During the summer since she lives in her swimsuit we need it to get here fast!!  I hate buying new clothes at the end of the year, only for them to destroy during the summer!! Her bike is to small as well!

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