Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring, Maybe?

Spring, Maybe
Yes, No, Maybe So?
I put down the grass seed.  This is a yearly thing, BUT it is freezing outside. 
This kids have pretty much grown out of their pants, BUT it is freezing outside.
I should cut the shrubs and put down wood chips, BUT it is freezing outside.
I really don't do cold, or mud, or fog.
I feel like I have been pretty tolerable considering.
Coat, no coat.  Shoes, flips flops.  
My feet just want to go barefoot.  I really hope it is warm tomorrow.  Please?

 Every Thursday after Library group Tate and his buddy Coltin hang out.  Bowling is always a big hit!
 Coltin is 1.5 years younger but Tate has no boys in his class on Sunday and Coltin really gives him a run for his money!!  They are a great team, they both like dirt (his mom is not a big fan of the dirt but if I provide a set a clothes for him I hope she can warm up to it), digging, and rocks.  I might have been like that with Caleb but slowly gave up.  Maybe she is just a better mom then me.  I just figure God made dirt and dirt don't hurt.  During the summer my kids are cleaner due to our time at the pool!  Luckily, they all learned how to swim at an early age!!

 Soccer!  Having Ainsley and Tate on the same team has been fun.  I lucked into this picture of Tate kicking the ball.  I told him to get in there and steel the ball.  That is about it.  He likes to diddle-daddle.  Then he will pick up speed like he is running but not moving.  It is an interesting sight!
 Ainsley is a lot of fun.  She is the tallest on the team and usually the only girl on the field.  She is great and blocking and stealing the ball.  She is not afraid to get in there and get it!!  
 This is kind of what Tate looks like the entire time.  He likes that there are cows across the street.  That is "amazing" and he is never really in the game until its too late.  He does improve little by little.  He only made the deadline by one day so it is a learning year.  Also, it is freezing cold out on the field.  Burrrr! 
 General Conference.   The kids watched all 4 hours on Saturday and they watched the 2 hours in between.  They have their favorite talks and they loved hearing about the Ukraine temple.  As if, they weren't already big enough couch potatoes and because I have the worst sinus infection and strep throat and didn't want to get off the couch I let them try out the Harry Potter movie.  I have never read the books.  The kids have been asking about them, it came on tv, so we gave it a go.  They were hooked!  I personally wondered when it was going to end, it is extremely long for a children's movie but it kept their attention.  
(not pictured is Aubrey…she is to the right.  Ainsley is wearing her Ingear swimsuit off  I ordered an $8 swimsuit which I thought was an extremely good price and they didn't have it anymore or the size I wanted to they sent me 2 for $8 and Ainsley might be in heaven for rest of her life) 
We watched Sunday too, dressed and showered nice for that one.  Blueberry muffins like always.
Even Winston watched conference.  He just wants to be part of the family!!

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