Monday, March 24, 2014

March: A day in a life

March: A day in a life

It was suppose to be on the 4th.  All 14 pictures were taken.  It was a great day but I am sad to say that all of the pictures from my fun Dr. Suess filled day were deleted, our 11 year anniversary, massive school projects, and first soccer practices!  So, my day in the life for March was taken on the 19th.  My 5th day into Spring Break.  A cold windy day, the sun was starting to come out so the kids, by late afternoon, were starting to play outside!  This month I was pretty close.  11 out of 14 were taken.

 Ainsley was invited to a Frozen premier party near Edgerton with a new friend.  The invitation was so cute and she was excited!  White hair spray was a must!
 For some strange reason Andy thought a bulk case of plums were something Tate would love.  Yum Yum!  No, No!  Tate wanted nothing to do with them…Blah!  It was from a book Andy had been reading to Tate every night.  Still, a blulk case?  
 Caleb loved the plums!
 After the Frozen party we picked up the Horspool girls and a couple of the Flins.  I loaded the tabled with crafts and life couldn't be better!  It was like dollar store magic!
 Then the acting started.  Parts were distributed and while I was making cinnamon rolls the kids acted out Frozen line for line, song for song.
 On the floor hiding are the 2 boys who also had parts.  It was an awesome thing to watch.  Very entertaining!   Afterwards they played kickball and capture the flag followed by an intense game of cops and robbers!!  I didn't get any yard work done.  
 Tate is so cool, he has his hat.   He has his rabbit.  He has his jacket.  He is cool!
Tate is also in loads of serious trouble because he continues to dig holes in the yard with my forks!  NOT COOL!  By the end of the day I was able to locate 10 of my nice forks that Andy insisted on buying a couple of years ago. I just do not think we are mature enough to have nice things… Tate is a destroyer!
 Ainsley and Maddie!  Not pictured is the bath they took in their swimsuits.  When these two girls get together they always hop in my big bathtub.  At least someone uses it.  Every time I think about taking a nice quiet bath that though quickly leaves. 
 Tate and Winston exploring.  Winston will follow Tate, keep him safe and out of trouble (or he ends up in trouble with him).  
 Ainsleys cape from her Frozen premier party.  It was pretty cool.  The mom had her entire front room decorated and everything!  During the party I tried to take the other 3 kids to buy socks and under ware… it didn't happen.  It was a pretty pointless outing, and no one wanted to buy under ware with me!!
Aubrey bands.  After months of vacuuming these up, I have decided to let Aubrey buy her own and be responsible.  They are kind of a pain though.  I think they have taken the place of those other bracelets from when Aubrey was in kindergarten, ya know the ones that were different shapes, but I guess if you earn the money yourself, you take better care of it.  I haven't seen a single one on the floor!

If you get a chance follow the link and it will send you in a circle. You'll get a chance to read blogs of other women from around the United States who took pictures on the same day.  It's pretty neat, especially this amazing mom and author!


Kristina Knight said...

What a day you had!! bebe (daughter, age 5) is *desperate* to see Frozen again. She conned Nan (grandma) into taking her, then I took her. She thinks its only right that Daddy take her, too. But you post gave me an idea: a premiere party with costumes at home! :D

the wrath of khandrea said...

"Caleb loved the plums." Along with that picture, very adorable.

Rainbow loom bands will be the death of me.

Clair said...

You are mother to four but so many more :) You must be the "cool mom." I already know you are the "cool aunt." In fact, the other day at dinner Faith said "Andy and Sara are awesome," just a random comment. Ha! So funny about all those plums-- glad Caleb took to them.