Friday, March 14, 2014

The Shirt, The felon

What do you do when your child has a favorite shirt?
Ainsley is a interesting little girl.  She gets in her mind that she love, LOVE, LOVES something and then everything is all about that.  Last year it was her Hello Kitty Dress that she wore at least 2 times a week.  It was a really cute dress from H&M and she is now really tall and we passed it on to another little girl that can love it.  This year it is this shirt.  This is not a new shirt.  She got it Winter of 2012, but she was determined to wear it everyday.  I try to hide it but on Sunday she was determined to wear this shirt every day for a week (those were her words).  I thought about this for a second and said that would be fine as long as it gets washed after school.  This was just not something I put on the "battle with your kids list" so I said yes.
 Day 1
 Day 2 (also bear measurement day).  By the time day 2 came it hit me that I will be at the school every day this week…what a week for Ainsley to decide to do this!
 Day 3 (Andy was singing for the class about kindness and from her favorite book…he also sang a little Jonny Cash).  
By day 4 Ainsley just woke up and put on different clothes and she was done!  I had a picture of her but Andy deleted 2 weeks of pictures.  She looked so fresh and so clean clean!

Confessions of a felon.  aka.  TATE DELTON GRINER.

1. Coloring on the dog (evidence…Tate first colored all over his legs)
2. Digging holes in the backyard with a shovel ( evidence…the dirt in his hair from trying to throw it behind him, not to mention the shovel in hand)
3. Yellow hand print on the garage door (evidence, yellow water/smashed chalk on his shoes…his hand print size).
4.  The complete and total room destruction instead of taking a nap (verbal confession about how his is practicing be a "worker" meaning construction builder/worker, caught in the act, and it was clean when everyone left for school).

This kid is driving me crazy!!

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