Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Do You Believe in Magic?
What I have here is magic…
you might look and see imperfection
but I see a family picture done and done!
2014, The Griner Family est. 2003
How many times since August 2009 have I been asked "Where is your family picture?" or "Why aren't you and Andy in your family picture?" It is a a lot of years and a lot of extended family and now I can just check that off my bucket list.  Done and Done.  Why you might ask?, well I have said this and I know because I have seen everyone's beautiful family pictures that life is just easy on picture day for them.  It is just smooth sailing.  The second I whisper, spell out loud, hint towards, or write down that they are having their pictures taken it is like a button goes off in their little heads.  It had to be done though.  My dad's birthday was the perfect opportunity and since I was doing it might as well make it an entire family affair especially since 3 of the siblings had babies this year!  I wanted to surprise my dad with an all 5 kid family picture for his office!  
 I called my friend on favor only to be repaid.  There was no other way.  I warned her.  I told her exactly what I KNEW in my heart would happened but wished wouldn't.  I said really, its no laughing matter and only for the strong.  She showed up with special fancy "bribe" doughnuts for after.  It was there, just like I said and she was ready.  2 total breakdowns,  1 "you promised me something from last year,4 days, and 30 seconds ago", and the other who is Tate.  Add tights (why do I have to wear tights it isn't Sunday),  I hate skirts, these shoes are ugly, and I just need $.50 (randomly during this time period, all of a sudden).
 The Seth Clark Family- Seth, Karalee, Dallen, Dean, Daniel
 The Spencer Clark Family- Spencer, Kristen, Ella, Conner
 The Zohrobyan Family- Zohrob, Steffaney, Isabella
Sydney Clark
 Editor of the pictures not done professionally!
Letters idea was stollen from Andy's sister Ella, we had done it a couple of years ago for Paul.
I think this idea was pretty genius, considering it was never gonna work together all 5 of us together in one place.  One day maybe we'll all end up in Florida:)

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Clair said...

Nice to know that there is a family who got this together ;)