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February: A Day In My Life

February: A Day In My Life

Last month, it was so interesting and wonderful to be able to follow all the links to women all over the United States and see how they spent the exact day that I spent.  Granite, I need to start doing something more important with my days.  BUT today was a snow day.  Not just any snow day.  It came down, blew around, and everything I planned to do productive (On my one free day of the week) just didn't happen.  
For those who do not know how this works.  We take 14 pictures on the 4th day of the month and post on the 24th. (I only was able to get 12…bummer)  Then at the bottom I link to another mom.  So click on the link.  You will like it.
 In a normal world when your kids hear snow day you would think they would like to sleep in.  It just doesn't register.  So I thought I would let them pick whatever they wanted for breakfast, knowing that hopefully they would make the right choose.  No no.  They chose these nasty sausage wrapped in blueberry pancakes.  I added strawberries and Caleb had cereal (which was boughten for the first time in probably a year)!  They were pumped.  Until Aubrey's tummy started to hurt.  I popped in Cloudy with a chance of Meat Balls 2 (you really can't beat the first). So I could get some stuff done. 
 My little helper.  Winston always loves to help with loading the dishwasher.  Super gross but since they get extra clean in there it's okay.  It is kind of like the movie Enchanted with the gross little mice helping…I have Winston.
 Making Valentine boxes. Last year I went all out.  This year I have to make 3, maybe 4.  I found this cool tape in the construction isle, let the kids pick out their own and boom!  Now they can add stickers and their name! (I had no idea how  all out mom's got on this…we need to have a mom meeting, the kids should be doing this ya know)

 The mixer/beater, whatever.  There has been some complaining as of lately.  Enough was enough.  Now I can use my 11 year old one and Andy can use this for random things that he should really just use a whisk for.(along with filling his dresser with Valentines candy…a dentists kid sure does inhale a lot of candy at the age of 30ish while watching murder shows at night)  All is good now that we can use our own mixers!!
 Lunch,  again not a healthy food choice but I just want to make it through the day with a good calm day.  Add some strawberries and celery with peanut butter and its halfway healthy but since Aubrey can't have the main thing she AGAIN got a soar tummy.   I should just have the CTR song playing in the kitchen all day so that I don't have to say now Aubrey are you allergic to this, do you think this is a good choice.  But today I just wanted it to be a good, calm day!
 Feeding to dog.  I do that.  He likes me.  
 Ainsleys teacher told her that if she put her clothes on backwards it would show an "extra lot LOT!" Which explains why she hasn't taken them off and why they are on backwards.  What a nut!
Also the 2nd dress from "Mrs. Gretchen" came today words like Mrs. Gretchen is just the best…How did she know I would love love this dress.  Even Caleb said Yah, Mrs. Gretchen is way cool.  (If Ainsley knew that I picked them out she wouldn't like them, she is that child.  So, I have an arrangement with Gretchen)
 My new door decor.  Very excited about this one.  It won't leak all down my door with natural oil and yuck!-moved that one to the wall.  
 Vacuuming.  I don't really enjoy vacuuming.  Last Christmas Andy bought me this vacuum and since it's a nice vacuum I actually have to vacuum I can't just blame stuff on the floor from the crappy vacuum.  What a shame, but all the vacuuming is done!  All the laundry is done.  Every room is clean, under beds, and a trash bag had to be taken to the boys room but I don't even think they knew what was in that closet of theirs.
 Since Dad arrived home extremely early due to the storm we all got to eat together as a family.  As a mother of 5 other house member I have decided You Get What You Get And You Don't Throw A Fit or you can go to bed.  How odd it was that since I made homemade spaghetti sauce with meet and noodle and then mix them all together without anyone looking everyone had to eat them the same way.  On the same plate.  With strawberries, bread, and two different kinds of parmesan cheese.  I was really surprise how everyone asked for 2nd's and 3rd's and only one person complained (it wasn't the kids.)
After clean up.  Another load of dishes.  The kids were watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding,  So funny.  Then it was homework time.  I did homework with Ainlsey.  Math and Reading with Aubrey. The coolest of all was that Caleb got a solo lead in his school PLAY!  He had wanted one so bad so I practiced that with him, he already new it and pretty much everyone else's lines, plus his additional lines!
 I bought these 100 year old windows (so cool also sooooo very scary I had to go into KCK to get them who even knew there was a bad part of town in Kansas too, but they were only $5 each and pretty much the cheapest decoration ever) so I did finally finish the rest of Aubrey's poms on her wall.  They look lop sided but it's the angle I took them from.  One of the windows is going to hang in the middle with her name down the center.    
The bed.  They have bunk beds.  They have plenty of pillows, but every night here they are sharing a pillow.  They are best buds deep down. I cover them extra tight I whisper to Tate that I love him more than apple sauce and he mumble that he loved me more that Dad's pizza.  I tell Caleb ,"I love you through and through yesterday, today, and tomorrow too".

I do have a feeling that Caleb tells Tate all of the "funny behavior" things he used to do and now Tate has perfected them x10 and I might not survive or the house, plus Tate is a GIANT! 

I did make the kids clean out the van in between games, hide and seek, and their 10 minutes of contention but I am pretty sure they just played hide and seek in there or tag.  It was a good day.  Please let there be school tomorrow!!

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