Friday, February 7, 2014

At 5:30 in the morning!

At 5:30 in the morning there has to be some joy in your world.  Waking up in Tate's bed with Caleb's feet by your head and Tate snoring super loud (btw I was told that was suppose to stop $2500 later). With a load of laundry already started, clothes laid out (except for Aubrey), showers started, and the realization that Tate had underwear on, two layers of pj's and 3 layers of underwear on top what better way to start the morning then by trying a pair on Winston!
 While everything in the house is lime green, our master bath is blue (for serenity…I suppose, waiting for that to happen).  Winston was confused and not amused by the super hero underwear. 
 Doughnuts with Dad at the school!  I was helping out with the PTO which meant I had to be out of the house at 7:00.  Call the bus at 6:00 so they didn't drive all they way to our house.  It also meant that I had to drive the truck. I couldn't get out of the driveway.  As Aubrey as my witness…I got out TICKED…(but with perfect hair) and shoveled my way out of the driveway.  I was not meant to live in snow, touch snow, be in the cold.  Andy got to drive my sweet mom ride. (all cleaned out) 20 minutes later once the event started.  The turnout was good.  The doughnuts were supper creative and the kids had a blast!  It gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of the dad's of the kids I work with in the mornings and Andy signed up to play the guitar for Ainlsey's class…everyone watch out.  Hannah Horse is no joke!
After serving the juice was done.  The bell had rung and I raced out of there to get Tate to Preschool on the other side of nowhere. I drove back to the school to do math and sight word testing and …wait for it…dye cutting.  I must say I am pretty good with the dye cutting! Picked Tate back up and the battle began on the 2nd load.  Andy picked out this washing machine.  It is the biggest pain of my life.  Will it let me use the setting I want, will it let me use hot water?  It's like a game.  I just pound my head on the top and wait and wait.  What a pain.  It takes 10 minutes to start after it clicks (it takes several tries) and 45-50 minutes per load.  I do laundry all DAY long. Not complaining, just saying.

*Happy Birthday Grandpa Bob!
*Did you know you can talk to an iPAD?  Truly amazing.  Aubrey's alarm kept going off, and I said how do you turn this thing off and is all she said (with an Oh Mom look) was Alarm Off!  Crazy.
*Caleb got a solo in his school play and a speaking park.  Pretty cool.  He is not "Conner Complainer" this year but we do use that term around the house…it has just kind of stuck.  This year I think he is Joey the Brave.  Cool Cool!
*Aubrey finished her art class.
*Tate got an honorable mention for kindness in his preschool news letter and has started a library class on Thursday.
*Ainlsey loves to paint and constantly wants to call her Grandma Nita for ideas.  I told her to write them down and we can mail them to her.
*A giant thank you to the Marinov's for watching Tate and Rachel.  Thank you!  
*Taking Winston on walks is really not going like the book says it should.  It is more like me dragging him and neighbors laughing.  They keep saying he will catch on.  It's been over a month….LETS DO THIS!!  Like normal people!!!

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