Thursday, January 30, 2014

No sweat, right?

No sweat, right?
Well, I am 29 now.  One more year and I will have officially crossed over!
Spring Pictures (in January) and Class Pictures.
Last year I was really excited about class pictures, they have really big class sizes but when I got the class pictures half the class was out due to the flu/lice/soar throat and I paid for Aubrey's and never got it. This year I am very involved in Ainlseys class, I know all the kids in Caleb's class and the teachers are wonderful.  Considering the flu and coughing that his been traveling like a blink of an eye no way am I buying pictures, plus I might not get them if I do.  
I knew how this morning was going to work though.  I knew Caleb were wear whatever I wanted him to.  It works like this on the last day of school before Christmas, Valentines day, last day of school before Easter and picture day.  He takes heat from his buddies and says he loves his mom.  Aubrey picks out her own out fits and hair style….I learned this long ago.  Then there was AINSLEY.  The child who hates skirts, tights, and dresses (dress shoes are included "obviously mom"…Sundays are a struggle).  I would have let her Half Way pick what she wanted to wear but the teacher made a specific request for Spring Dresses.  That is when my morning changed forever!  She is a very dramatic child in everything she does, so with this beautiful dress it was…I HATE THIS DRESS.  IT IS TOO ITCHY.  I HATE TIGHTS.  YOUR THE MEANEST MOM I'VE EVER SEEN.  THIS IS THE UGLIEST DRESS. I quietly removed her iPod and the dress and told her to pick any dress she wanted but it need to be a dress, her teacher (whom she liked a lot) requested it and she was reading to the principal today. She finally picked the dress below (after 39 minutes of crying), Aubrey let her borrow a cover up.  I believe she shoved clothes and shoes in her backpack.  The weird thing about it was she saw what she was wearing the night before when I was doing homework and reading with her.  
I have just decided that girls from 6-8 are very hard for me.  While boys really love their mom after all those years of breaking and destroying everything nice…they even break ceiling fans.  I have stories.
Girl clothes.  Aubrey put on these pink things.  They are not nylons because they do not cover her feet.  they are cute AND made out of nylon material.  What a fun idea for dresses.  Especially because she always get so cold.  I do not think she is suppose to wear socks with them but baby steps.  They might have even come with a dress a year ago.
I hate cover ups.  I really wish they would make more clothes with sleeves.  
Caleb is a strong size 7, but he appears to often be waiting for a flood!  They should make 7's longer.
Swimsuit season is coming up.  STOP making boy swimsuits with metal on them!!!  I have also decided involving my children in picking out their own swimsuits this year is not going to happen and letting Andy be a buffer, nope.  He said Aubrey could get a Monokini with the words ROXY on the rear!  No, no.  What about the creepers,  he is insane sometimes or he was probably thinking about something else.  I am cross my fingers for the 2nd.

February please come soon!  With no snow and less wind!

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