Sunday, January 26, 2014

End of January…Finally!

With January coming to a close, a moment of silence seem to be needed, a long nap longed for, a pool count down started, and a reminder that January might be the WORST month ever for the 10th year in a row.  Pretty heavy!
Every year I think maybe not, but it is.  While this month has more school days than the previous year by an entire week.  There was no snow (I actually like that part) but the weather range from 7 to 45 to 56 in 24 hours.  The wind was out of control and I didn't have a single full week with all the kids in school.  All the coughing, gagging, sneezing…my cup system did not work this month.  There was no saving this month. 
 Let me talk about the family dog.  Who "doesn't" like the heat.  I put that in quotations because that is what Andy's told me to convince me that is was suppose to be an indoor dog.  Pretty sure he loves the heat.  Winston goes strait to the fire place every morning,  he usually buts his rear right up against it, and he usually has to be asked to leave before he will.  
 When I tell Winston to get off the mantel he goes right over the Andy's speaker to sleep.  Poor little buddy is going to end up with a hearing problem or Andy is going to end up with a hole in his speaker.
 No, this looks staged because I have never seen it.  Andy took this picture of Winston in his actual bed.  Never Never with my own eyes have I seen this.
 Tate's first show and tell day.  He took Weiney.  Then he left Weiney and we had to go without Weiney for the 3 day weekend.  It was a LONG weekend!!  My dinning room table has become the escape from the dog table.  Tate's "safe" zone.  If I can't find anyone…that is wear they all are…safe from the dog.  
 Nap time…this is not the face of a kid who looks like he is going to take a nap.  He did but if took 2 warnings and when I had to wake him up 30 minutes later his behavior was exactly like I told him it would be. Cranky! TATE!
 Letting Tate take a picture.  I probably should have been folding clothes but I was super tired and I only had one episode of LIFE left.  That was a really good show.  In my defense the kitchen was clean and I was at the school for 3 hours that morning doing sight word testing.  Kids say the best things!
It was Caleb's weekend at Grandmas.  This is what my front seat always looks like.  I have my church bag with the RS manual, my scriptures, a book, water, and 3 IPODS, a 3DS, an IPAD and my purse…oh and a playset catalog.  When I was taking this picture I thought my goodness this is so sad that I need all these electronics just for sanity to Lonejack and back.  Caleb had fun with his grandparents and I get a break from his dental questions which are his new line of questioning.  I just said to ask Grandpa or Grandma they will know!  Perfect timing really!
 The flu circled to Ainsley.  The one child who will not make it to the toilet.  It took 6 thow-ups for her to be able to use a trash can.  She was very sick.  So, lots of bedding wash.  No volunteering at the school.  Since I told Ainsley she could pick a movie…an entire morning of the New Direction movie from Red Box.  Just Ainsley and me.  She did throw-up all in the van (even though she had bag).  My poor van has really taken a throw-up hit in the last month.  Very sad. What isn't very sad is Tate…that darn Tate put the dog in the bath with Ainsley!!  Tate also was trying to give Ainsley a hug because he felt bad she was sick so he tried to get on the bed and stepped in Ainsleys throw up trash can! So gross!  So SO gross!!!  
Saturday,Family day, No electronics day, rest so you can go to church and do not miss school next week day!  Also, try funky food.  The kids always love tacos but would they eat them in a funky new shell?!!  I do not know why Aubrey isn't in the pictures.  She is around somewhere.  They thought the taco bowl shells were really cool!  It was a nice break not to make taco shells from scratch!  The kids (minus Aubrey) put all the toppings on minutes tomatoes.  I think its a texture things.  They love lettuce!  We watched "What about Bob" to end the night and had homemade Cheesecake by Ainsley!

It has been a busy week.  Tate started a fun library group and he learned about SNOWMEN, in addition to preschool 3 days a week.  My 31 days of organizing/cleaning is almost done and I am so glad I started the year off with it!  Aubrey had a big, not a final, but more like a new biannual doctors appointment.  It was good for Aubrey to be back with a Specialist that she likes and is comfortable with.  Caleb go to go the police station for scout and be in the jail sell!!! oh boy!!

This morning our family kneeled in a circle to pray for the loss of both our cousins.  While I feel full of sadness for everything my family might be going through I wanted to explain what had happened to my children so that when we said the prayer they would understand and be able to say their own individual prayer if they wanted to.  My heart was full as my children said the kindest of words and I am so glad they understand the Plan of Salvation.  I have an incredible little family and I know with time grief will turn to understanding as in just these short hours as everyone has gathered together it already has.  I love my family.

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