Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Day has finally come!

Back to School!

 Winter break that had regular Kansas weather snow, so warm you do not need shoes to play outside , sleet, cancelled church, strong wind, and then the day you think your kids are going back to school they cancel it because of negative temps. 
 No no no!  I had a plan.  I was going to take Tate to his first day of preschool, shed a couple of "wow, my kids are growing up tears", head to Elena's house look at everything she has changed, bought, and done different to her house since I have last been there.  Maybe get motived.  I had a plan.  No plan.  Just "Hair Spray 3" times, a continue massive search for Aubrey's IPAD,  and Freaky Friday.  Oh, and I still felt like the freezing cold from outside came inside.  Although hearing Hair Spray and Freaky Friday in the back ground made my day halfway "Yellow" those shows are so fun/funny and my kids just laugh and dance and laugh!  
**After 2 full days of searching and throwing half of the house away I have found the IPAD. ANDY!!!!!!! (I say that while itching with stress and halfway baffled that I have lost sleep over this, 2 days of Clark missed sleep… not good my friend)
Today was the day though! January 7th!  Booya!  The kids were excited!  Aubrey starts her new program at school today so it is actually a big day for her.  A big change.  Ainsley starts back to school with her two front teeth and her bottom teeth…she is like an entire new person!  I hope her teacher recognizes her:)  Caleb starts school actually tying his shoes not tucking them, say what?  I couldn't figure out for the longest time why his shoes would always come un-tied, why his shoelaces would be destroyed so quickly…then I noticed him tucking them. Tucking?!  He knew when he said the words he was defeated the lazy bum!  I am happy to say their shoes and backpacks lasted an entire year and a half!  The backpacks made it just in time…thank you zappo's and amazon!  No excuses for anything falling out now!
With all of winter break homework done (there was a lot), temps still freezing, class snacks in backpacks, kindergarten paid for, nails painted color of choice, teeth brushed for 120 seconds, they were ready by 6:45, Griner record!
Now just me and the Tater have the laundry and I am glad I have his super hero muscles to move Ainsley room….we have to get these nightmares to stop.  She asked to have her room switched (Aubrey said no) so she asked if I would move around her room.  I will google I ideas, I guess.  
Poor Winston doesn't understand where everyone is so he has been terrorizing Tate all morning, kind of like karma (since I remember Tate terrorizing Caleb constantly) it is so fun to watch!!
I am so thankful for a One Direction Free Day.  I even caught Andy singing it in the shower the other day.  

*Things to write so I do not forget.

-Caleb likes the color Red now.
-Aubrey borrowed my IPOD form which she said my music was out of control so I made her a play list which she wanted me to only include church music and disney music. (Andy tried to get to admit my music had curse words and Aubrey used her hands in a while manner over her head and said My music is chaotic and not soft…in my defense I gave her it while I was looking for her IPAD and put it on church music, she must have just continues to listen)
-Ainsley likes to help to the dishes left in the sink with the peppermint hand soap while I am outside with Winston at night.  It makes the kitchen smell really good.
-Caleb is always the first one to give me a hug, he can carry a pitch, and is a really good singer.
-Ainlsey loves to sing, cannot carry a pitch but hopefully that will come with time?  Please let that come with time!
-Winston likes to lay down by Andy's speakers while Andy is gone.  I do move him when I find him there to prevent a "Turner and Hooch" situation but I worry he is hard of hearing because those are some intense speakers.
-Tate finally learned the color green but only after dark grey and pink.
-Clipping up is the key to everything right now.  Time out=age.  The crier and the doer both go to time out.  We have been doing this for almost a month and life has been good.
-Tate is obsessed with his grandparents history and their parents.  What was Grandpa Griner's dad like? What was Great Great Grandpa Clark like?  What about Grandpa Hyde?  What does he like to do?  What did he do with his dad?  How tall was Grandma Grayson's dad and did where did Grandma Rassel's dad live and like to eat?  It is like 50 questions all the time.  Oddly I can't answer some of them and neither can Andy.  I am going to make him a book which I think all my kids would love, a fun picture book.  
-In all honesty I think I am somewhat allergic to Winston.

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