Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Catching the flu…

This is actually a picture-less blog because the charger is missing.  I could be to blame, but could I?  I mean if ever we get frustrated after 2 days of looking for something all I have to do is say what I'm looking for out loud and it magically appears in Tate's hand.  That TATE!  The only problem is on my 31 days of organizing for January one could say (Andy and the kids) that I have a tendency to throw things away.  Since Andy can't describe it and I obviously wouldn't throw it away we will just have to wait until my 31days are over.  I just know it will turn up.  A de cluttered house is a HAPPY :) house just ask the garage, the basement, and the main floor!

Last week was a busy week.  
1. We were put in a new Ward,  almost comically but if you are going to do it then I suppose that is the best way.  The stake presidency had us sing Choose The Right, showed us on the big screen the new ward and new ward boundaries, one by one had each new ward stand up and raise our hand, and then had us sing I'll go where you want me to go dear Lord!  I had one child crying, one thinking we had to move, and one said, "What The Heck" while I hurried and covered his mouth (That Tate)!  We knew we weren't going to be staying in our ward but it was pretty sad still the same.  Lots of changes, lots of growth in the area.  It is like moving, without unpacking or clean walls.  Bummer!

2.  Tate had his physical.  -3 pounds, 4 shots, and major screaming.  It was intense for EVERYONE involved and not involved.  Pretty much anyone who was in the building.  Which I thought was interesting that everyone in the waiting room had on a mask…we just sat far away for everyone because Tate was there for a physical and wouldn't put one on (it looked a little to much like the surgery one)…I say this now and will come back to it.

3.  Tate had his last ENT appointment!  All AOK!  Even Weiney dog got checked out.  

4.  I love my volunteer work at the elementary school.  I love being able to help with sight words and phonics in Kindergarten.  ABC's and just everything its just great.  I've been working with these kids for a semester now.  I love their growth and kids say the funniest things for sure…poor Caleb's teacher.

5.  Muffins with Mom at the elementary school.  I was at the elementary school at 7:15am to help cut them and then Ainlsey ditched me, Caleb tried to distracted me from the 2nd grade "electronic convention" going on behind me, 2 of Aubrey's friends introduced themselves to me (notice how it wasn't the other way around), and Tate ate my muffin when I was talking to one of Aubrey's friends.  

6.  I got to the bottom of this entire Superman is dead thing.  So, the the kids have been devastated all week (ESPECIALLY TATE) that Andy told Lany's dad Superman is dead.  The truth is ( it took me 5 days of questions from the kids about DC vs Marvel and I have no idea….) it is a song they are playing soon on the guitar.  Next time please spell it or take it outside!

7.  After this weeks events (which do not include in and out with Winston) my head cold turned into the flu at 2pm.  Not just any flu.  The flu of 2007.  So I tried to call Andy to tell him I "caught the flu."  Tate had never seen me so sick and thought for the last 3 days that he could catch it like you catch a ball and throw it away so he has been looking for it. That Tate!  BUT while I have been sick I have been trying to backpedal my week to see where I got it.  Having been to two doctors, Tate's preschool 3 times, the kids elementary school 2 times, the church, and the night before Winston wasn't feeling to hot.  It is just baffling but it is brutal…Not enough sanitizing can be done to stay clear of this nastiness!! 

8.  On a good note, Report cards.  If the kids thought I would forget about them due to the flu….no.  I do not understand why Caleb never wants to show us.  This isn't Mrs. Talbs class anymore;)  This is his  area, he should want to show us.  So odd that little guy.  It was fun to see Ainsley and Caleb's dibbles test.  I have never got to see theirs before.  I can't wait until they go to just letters A,B..but the kids worked really hard last semester and did really well, all 3 of them! 

9.  I watched The Parent Trap (old/new) with the kids.  They cracked up!  Watching movies I watched when I lived at home is so fun. 

So, I was asked by a new acquaintance Heather to reflect back on the holiday season and write something I am grateful for.  She is so positive and her story is @ http://www.mesothelioma.com/heather/.  She is an 8 year survivor of mesothelioma.  She has a beautiful family.  She is wonderful.

Since I just did the holidays and my news letter. I will do this.  
I found this old picture.  10 Christmas ago…I didn't have to wake up early, or stay up extra late the night before, I didn't spend the week before hiding presents, waiting by the door for the mail man, or even make sure the candy in one stocking didn't have "milk product."  10 years ago I wasn't as thankful to wake up in the morning as I am now.  Even though I might complain about laundry, wonder where all the cuties went, and I always have to plan on running 10 minutes late, ALWAYS.  I am more thankful for my days, my Christmas Eve, and Christmas Morning because I have you.   Thank you, Aubrey Jean

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