Friday, January 24, 2014

January: A Day In The Life

January: a Day in a life. 
 I feel honored to be asked to join this "A Day in a life" blog circle.  With all these mom's who take professional pictures, have "it" together, and I imagine clean kids.  I didn't think I would be linking to them and I FOR GOODNESS sake didn't think I would be taking 14 pictures BUT I did get in 12 before I lost the camera and fell asleep before 8:00pm.  So tired, so very very tired.
I did mine on the 20th (a calm, no school day) because crazy can only describe the 16th.  I will follow the rules next month…pretty sure.

CUPS…NO one is getting sick like I have been.  No one is going to miss school.   No one is going to throw up.  No one is going to in anyway end up with gross coughs, sneezes, or endless runny noses and then pass them around.  NOPE.  CUPS!
 #1.  The only problem was I caught Tate with the permanent marker the other day and threw it and the scissors high up above the oven only Andy will be able to get them.  Man, I could have used those today.  I kept having to re-write the names.
 #2 and #3 No school. Muffins for breakfast.  My two helpers.  One mixer (Andy will later in the night crack this bowl in half, bad luck) and one cup placer!
I am not sure what happened but when the muffins came out of the oven Tate's shirt was dismantled. He blamed the dog.  I was in a hurry to pick up Caleb's friend, so confused, and pretty sure that is not what happened since I heard no screaming so I slide another shirt on his and notice but put in the back of my head his strange laying on the wood floor behavior. 
#4 and #5  How to get all the kids energy out…Rainbowplay showroom.  15+ swing sets, a trampoline,  and a basketball hoop.  Boom!  The only downside is that stupid floor.  The kids get really dirty.  Not a fan.  I hear mom's with little kids say they love LOVE love it…so I guess it isn't going anywhere any time soon.
                                                  #6  Caleb's and his buddy Dallen.
 #7 These might be mind craft faces.  I have no idea what that is.  I keep hearing about it.  "Everything is square Sister Griner!"  or  "Ya, Mom"   Please note that about 10 minutes after this picture when we were in the car Tate threw up.  Why, well I can tell that in this picture he isn't feeling good and he said his ear hurt and he just can't catch a break with his ears.  My cup system didn't stand a chance.

 #8  After Tate let it ALL out  I carried him into McDonalds and life seemed to be better. 
 #9 and #10 M&M cookies with my two helpers and the new Percy Jackson movie.  The kids loved it.

 #11 Winston has life so easy.  Fall asleep here, fall asleep there.  That bell behind him, every time he has to go to the bathroom he just rings it and we let him out!  Very smart, that dog!
 #12  The new Percy Jackson movie was very intense!  I must say it was a little for me as well because when I looked up at it the character that had two eyes only had one.  WOOOO!

To end the day… after dinner, clean up, FHE I had all the kids in bed when Andy calls having locked his keys in his car.  Bummer!  So, I had to get everyone up, load them up, and go and give him a key all the way in OP.  Drive back, settle everyone down again, by then I was going to take an end of day picture, maybe of the clean house or kids sleeping but I couldn't find the camera and I fell asleep thinking about where it might be.  It was a good day!

Since this is part of a blog circle here is the next blog.  There are 10 all together!


Kristina Knight said...

What a day, Sara! I get the cups-for-different-people thing! I've had a blechy cold since Christmas. So far, I'm the only one afflicted!

Jhona O. said...

You deserve a great big hug and a little chocolate that's all yours. I remember those days! I hope that your family stays well. Great post and I really felt like I was there with you in your day!(Except that I would have offered you a hand or two) Have a great weekend!

Clair said...

You are so cute and such an awesome mom. You will soon see the messes in the rest of our lives too! Sharpies-- certainly a love/hate relationship with toddlers in the house. I never heard of the dog bell but that is genius! Awesome job! Love ya!

Jennifer Ovenshire said...

I love all the photos of your kids - it looks like a ton of fun to live in your house!

Jennifer Ovenshire said...

I love all the photos of your kids - it looks like a ton of fun to live in your house!

Jhona O. said...

PS!!! I meant to tell you that our dog, Benny, uses the bell at the door, too. We learned that trick from a cute Pug we know. Three of the smartest dogs in the world :)

the wrath of khandrea said...

you guys impress me with your trained dogs. i'm trying to teach my cat to flush, but it's just not happening...