Monday, January 6, 2014

New Years Day 2013

For 4 years we have had a Ribs n' Chicken Party…start the year off with friends and family.  We skipped last year with the move but started up again this year…every year there seems to more kids, older kids, but the same amount of adults (we missed the Rudd family this year)!
 16 kids, good food, top your own hot chocolate, and New Years Punch that when asked what was in it I simply replied "It will make your 2014 dreams come true!"
 (Normally I have Christmas down the day after Christmas but its been an usual LONG month)
Guitar music by Andy and Mark along with 2003 vs 2013 trivia followed by delicious desserts!
 First Brunch of the year at Neva's house yet Neva's dad showed up with half an ice cream cake and a GIANT smile!  Ainsley had a lot of fun!
 Winston all ready for the big game…I think he knows the outcome already:(
Andy grilling for the game…ending with a win on the chicken, yum… but a loss for the Chiefs. 
 Ainley and Maddie.  Every time they play they instantly feel its Little Mermaid time.  Swimsuit time, bubble time, and of course I am free to supervise, ALWAYS.
Even though it is -7 degrees and school for the 3 older kids was cancelled Tate started his first day of preschool.  This is BIG!  New backpack, had to wear Malcolm's shirt and Caleb's underneath.  He was ready.  I was a little nervous to send him to a preschool with someone other than Miss Susan as his teacher but after a lot of calls and the Kindergarten Roundup notice I knew enough was enough.  The older siblings were curious…He did awesome.  When we picked him up he said P, P, P all the way home. Pickle, Package, Pencil, Practice…P, P, P,P.  Pretty Perfect Potato if you ask me! Oddly enough he didn't say bye.  No hug, no see ya later, no nothing.  Yum,  have I not made him 3 peanut butter sandwiches every day for the last year?  Do I not play with him all the time?  Are we not best buds?  This is very baffling…
 I would have traded 3 Tate's at home today for the 3 felons I've had causing a ruckus.  
Please let there me school tomorrow.

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