Friday, February 14, 2014

Nope, Just Nope.

Nope, Just Nope.
 So, Tate has started a new exercise in the morning aside from Zumba with me.  It is called "burning" his stomach muscles! 
 Ainlsey is pretty excited she can almost do the splits. 
 Caleb had a play date with Eli from our new ward. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (As a parent I wouldn't bother), major tag, wrestling, gaming, Tate took a tap, we made pizza, and for the most part had a lot of fun!

I made two of these smoked briskets for PTC. Went to 3 parent teacher conferences, after family pictures which after Andy shook it took "Call Me Maybe", a bribe of a quarter, tears, the kid photo friend brought over bribe doughnuts and 45 minutes later we got one "Maybe" usable picture.  Uhhhh I hate family pictures!  But for a good cause, so worth it.  Later Mutral (oh ha, my new calling…laugh or cry for me…it could really go either way) and Aubrey had activity days.  Caleb did have scouts in Gardner but it didn't work out…or so Andy said.  If only their were 2 of me on Thursday nights.
Nope. Just Nope.  I might have been a little over loaded today. With two loads of laundry done. The kids 2nd week out of school and it being only 8am.  I had a list 2 pages long and it felt like noon.  Now I can safely say, I am drastically behind and I am out of my little cups of grapefruit,yum.  I really just might stop everything now and watch You Got Mail, because I have learned I am behind the times.

*a shout out to Clark for helping me fix my shower through his phone magic and words of college wisdom.

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