Friday, February 21, 2014

Like the old days

Like the ol' days
We used to have couple nights.  Pretty much all the time.  It would be like "So next week we'll watch? or I'll bring?"  It wasn't like an inside club where no one else was invited it was just what we did before we moved.  So we got together again, it was when the kids were all awake because they wanted to see The Sanner Clan and because it had to be brief, but it was a little like the ol' days+ our kids awake.
Their kids can always be awake.  They are wonderful! Ours rock at UNO beware!! 
In recent events.  Tate got a haircut like Zane (You know Mom, says Tate, from One Direction).  This too shall pass.  
My mom asked me on the phone who was my "fit" thrower…REALLY?  Cant you see it?   Must I say it?  AISNLEY DAWN "FIT THROWER" GRINER.  Who wants to wear the same I LOVE PEACE shirt every day.  So next week, every night I will wash it and let her.  
Who also gives the most hugs, washes my dishes with peppermint hand soap when I am reading with Ainsley, draws me so many pictures I gave her three of my towel drawers to store them, and will play with the dog until it because a tad bit violent!
Aubrey is my kind one, the one who can't let me joke around about what 9 year old in the school or ward is cute because I know secretly she likes a boy in Grandma's ward.
Caleb who loves to read, loves scouts, and loves his mom but the questions the endless questions.  His soft heart and silly nature can break him and I will stand behind him till the end so watch out little 2nd graders!!
Tate don't mess will my cuddle GIANT tide end.  For some reason he now knows all about One Directions.  His favorite song is Say What You Need To Say and I don't think its even on the radio anymore.  He loves to sing and dance and he loves Winston to no end.  He loves mud and He loves that the neighbor has a top secret hide out full or mud and yuck just for him!  

I took the kids to see the Lego Movie and Aubrey cried, Ainsley laughed so loud you could hear her one theater over, Caleb was a little scared, and Tate just wanted his candy and to hug the entire time.  As long as there is Batman he was sure everything would be fine.  Nut Job was a miss, I must say.  But Tate loved to get up a shake it like no other!!!!!

Parent Teacher Conferences went good.  Good Teachers all around, and I had to meet with a lot.

Something I find extremely funny is how everyone relates where I live with Tornados.   Now almost 11 years I have only had to go into a shelter once and I have never EVER seen one.  I have seen the damage from strong wind.  Our trampoline ending up in the neighbor across the streets yard, large trees every where, and yes I love the 1st Wednesday of the month when we hear the siren but we are used to it.  It's almost like if we don't hear it there is an imbalance in the world.  I have however seen the damage from a hurricane.  The loss in my hometown, the endless blue roofs, the closed memory eat out.  The peir.

I think Tornados are related to us because of Dorthy and they belong to Oklahoma.  Yesterday it went from hale, to rain, to snow, to slush, to sunny all in one afternoon.  Our power goes out if it gets too hot, if it feels like it, for goodness sake of corse on the day your kids earn a 30 minute cartoon before bed.  Thank you Kansas, Thank you.

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