Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Year remembered, 70 years of Oz, and an Easter Party

It's been exactly one years since Caleb was released from his 8 days stay at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. What a humbling and life changing experience. In just a matter of hours Caleb can go from running around to trouble breathing. If you would have asked me last January if a child could die from Strep Pneumonia I would have said of course not. Life is fragile and we are so grateful for the BIG part that Caleb plays in our little family!
Last Saturday we had the opportunity to go to Crown Center to meet Paul aka. Grandpa Griner during his yearly Dental Conference. It is the highlight of the kids entire March! This year the theme was "70 years of Oz". Digging out old Halloween costumes turned out to be hilarious!!! Aubrey squeezed into her 2T Dorthy outfit, Ainsley wore Calebs old Lion costume, and Caleb borrowed the neighbors Lions costume! Walking around the mall with Dorthy and 2 Lions caused a lot of heads to turn!:) We were lucky enough to be there when "Glenda the Good Witch" arrived!!
Even Ainsley took a picture with the GOOD WITCH! It was a miracle!
We ate lunch at a fun train restaraunt. The train acutally delivered the food. Caleb was in heaven! After lunch we headed to the "70 years of Oz" play area. It was awesome!
With slides, pretend tornado's, and tons of cool different play areas I would say that this years theme was the best. KANSAS represented well!!!
Andy's yearly work Easter Party. I thought the bunny was great. Of course when we asked Aubrey to smile she wouldn't. Caleb turned on the charm and smiled the entire morning! He hugged, laughed, and said hi to all the "grandma's and grandpa's"!Once Ainsley saw the Easter Bunny she was done...scared, clingy, and crying. The solution was the fake Easter Bunny! She loved the fake bunny!
Dyeing eggs was "magical" for the kids. Since I was absolutely not doing it at home I was glad they had a chance to do it here.
Aubrey took the Easter Egg dyeing very seriously. She didn't want to get the dye on her painted finger nails. The Easter Egg hunt was a lot of fun! Caleb DID try to cheat by getting a head start but after calling him back to the starting line he eagerly waited!!
Ainsley liked the Easter Egg hunt and actually found 3 eggs!
Defiantly a fun weekend! We cant wait until tomorrow, we love going down to Windsor to watch General Conference and celebrate Paul's birthday! The kids sure do love Grandpa Griner!

*** Yes, we will find out boy or girl on Friday. If anyone has any boy name idea, please share! We are unable to agree on names and since Andy is dead set against Bleaker we are back to the drawing board. I am pretty sure it is a girl though!


Clair said...

That's awesome that the kids dressed up for Oz. Did anyone try to yank that horrible wig off of Glenda? Not sure which easter bunny I like better- the man in the suit or the blow up doll. Hmmm... actually I have never really seen a super good Easter Bunny. Cute stuff, Sara!
Boys names? I think Clark would be a cool middle name!

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

It's a good thing my kids can't read, they'd want to switch moms! :o) You are way too cute, and your kids are adorable! Boy names...Colby for sure, I love Cael too, that might be too close to Caleb though. Jaxon, Hayden, Garrett...let me know if you need more! :o)

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

Ainsley's hair is longer than Jane's now! Very cute kids and pics!

We are the Dall family said...

your daughter makes the cutest Dorthy!