Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

Over 15 band aids, 70 degrees weather, 4 play dates, one party, and a broken pinky. I think we did okay! It took me 4 days to complete my spring cleaning (it probably should have only taken 4 hours), Aubrey cut her chin open and bruised her leg, we made St. Patrick's day cup cakes, I taught Ainsley to say "Right There", "Blue", and "Pretty", and Caleb ALMOST went 10 days without a major disaster. 6 color times, over 350 hours of reading time, mulitpule foot splinters, and at least 6 replays of Sid the Science Guy. WE SURVIVED! Now that life is back to normal and Aubrey is back in school I have time to blog about it. Aubrey: Aubrey started off Spring Break by falling from the table and slicing her chin open/bruising her leg/stubbing her toe...not a good sign! But everything turned out okay and Aubrey loved being at home!! At least once a day I heared... "But Miss Susan said!" Per Miss Susan's request EVERY morning, first thing in the morning Aubrey had color/writting/play-doh time. 2 times a day I would read to her (how many different princess stories can one little girl have??), and before bed Andy would read to her. Every day was dress up day and Aubrey was a great big sister to Ainsley!! CALEB: Was very enjoyable! He loved being able to play outside in the dirt! He did not sleep through the night and he did not sleep in past 6:30am but he did take 2 afternoon naps!!! This week also seemed like the week of a million question. He has a question for EVERYTHING....his replay would either be "How can that be?" or "Mom you did not hear me!" I could not answer a question with "I do not know. Okay. Sure. or I guess" I had to actually come up with answers. And this week Caleb, with out a doubt, is the loudest little boy ever. Andy buying him a recorder has not helped at all!!!
Ainsley: Is extremely obedient...always following directions like:
Put that back please.
Sit down.
Go get your sippy cup.
If ever I ask her where something is she always goes and gets it...Keeping her dressed has been a problem and getting her dressed takes strength and patience. She is very picky about what she wears and will not keep her piggy tails in!The ending to Spring Break was yesterday. I took the kids to a birthday party for a little boy turning 2. Candy, Pizza, Cup Cakes, a bouncy house, and a Pinyata made for an exciting morning!! By the time we got home I was tired. I put the kids down for a nap and since Caleb was too hyped up on sugar I layed him next to me. I closed my eyes (it couldn't have been for more then 20 minutes but I fell right asleep) and next thing I knew Caleb was naked, Aubrey was out of her room, and Caleb had marker on his body form head to toe! Since there were drawings of little people on his right arm I knew he did not act alone! WHERE DO THESE MARKERS KEEP COMING FROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Aubrey was really proud of her art work. After first denying her involement in the entire thing she quickly confessed. Caleb was doing so well not getting into trouble and making messes. I really hope he is not degressing. I do feel bad for the litte guy...on Sunday night he was hidding in the closet. Andy went to close the door and Calebs pinky was in the way. To say that he hurt is pinky is an understatement! It is deffinatly broken (I have never seen anything so crooked).

All in all it was a fun week. We went to St. Louis, played on the neighbors trampoline, and the kids watched Willey Wonka and the Chocolate factory for the first time. I did fast forward threw the scary parts but I thought it was apropiate to let them see what happens to little boys and girls who do not listen to there Mommies!!!!


Gretch! said...

awe, you forgot to mention your "babysitter"!

Caleb is NOT the loudest boy, maybe him and ASh together, we could call it the CASHTON!!

Aubrey said she got the markers from Grandma, whichever that one is.... blame her!!

.Jesika & Lane. said...

HEY!! I haven't seen you forever! You moved from Star Valley like forever ago, but I still think about you and that time that we went to summer school together. It was so fun to read your blog and see what you have been up to. I can't believe that you have three kids. Looks like they keep you super busy! I hope that things are going well for you. Keep in touch, Jesika Gardner Gardiner (yes, I married a Gardiner, one letter from my last name. It confuses a lot of people.)