Monday, March 2, 2009

Final Evidence

Today I have been sitting in Ainsley's bedroom looking at her door. I am deciding whether or not to wipe off the nail polish/ foundation hand print that Caleb made while barricading the door to keep me out. Leaving it there is a good reminder that any day is better then that day!!! Caleb has been amazingly wonderful since that incident. Minus the finding of a green marker that he put all over his face! How do my kids keep finding these things??? I think they have secret stashes!!!
Last weekend was a fun weekend for us. After spending the last 2 weeks researching and looking at vans on Friday at 1:00pm we bought a 2001 Honda Oddysey! While we were test driving it I was amazed and couldn't believe that when the kids went to pick out their seats they chose to sit on the back row next to each other!!! WHY??? Of course, the purpose of a van (in my mind) was to spread the kids out as far away from each other as possible! No more complaints of Ainsley touch Caleb, Aubrey holding Ainsley hand, and Caleb kicking the back of my chair! Oh how sweet it is! I have not personally driven it yet. I have never driven a van before and I am terrified. On Saturday I was suppose to practice but we had a big snow storm. So there is sits, very pretty in our garage. Hopefully, I will be driving it my Wednesday!!! Can you imagine, me, driving a van!!! How fun!! As soon as it makes its way out of the garage I will take a picture!Other fun weekend news...
On Saturday in the middle of the snow storm Andy went and helped a Ward Member hang dry wall. He was excited to see how it was done so we could get started on our basement. While he was helping with that I watched the young couples 3 girls. Have you ever had to prepare lunch for 6 children under 5 by yourself. A half of bag of chicken nuggets/tater tots and a half of pitcher of gatorade!! It was crazy!!!
2: 1 year olds
1: 2 year old
2: 3 year olds
1: 4 year old
Poor Caleb, he desperately wanted another boy to play with. 5 girls and a Caleb! What an afternoon!! The afternoon was full of dress up, playing kitchen, and chasing each other in the basement! When Andy got home around 3 there were kids everywhere!!! It was a lot of fun but by 5 o'clock I was out cold and didn't wake up until Andy woke me up at 8.

I would like to state before tonight finale of the Bachelor that I think he will pick Melissa. I know know one probably watches this show but I have recently become addicted. I felt so bad for Jason last season and wanted him to find "True Happiness". Now I think he is a scuz. I feel bad for Jillian. Andy has been watching bits and pieces and we both picked Melissa back in the beginning. Andy picked her because she looks like DeAnna. True. So, who will he pick...while I am folding the 6 loads of laundry tonight I will find out!!!!


Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

Yeah! Someone else folds laundry while being glued to the TV watching the Bachelor! It is a Monday night ritual! I pick Melissa too, but I think DeAnna might come back and still have his heart. Scuz or not, he is quite a cutie. :o) Ok, I'm obsessed! But it sounds like you got the car thing worked out and it's not stolen! :o) I would leave the handprint...I think we'll miss them someday. :o)

Julia said...

Wow, you are awesome. I can't imagine having 6 kids under 5 for a day! And I am a bachelor adict as well and have had melissa picked for a long time too! I can't believe the ending though! It was crazy. I can't decide what to think...

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

I'm a few hours early...but....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Has time really gone by that fast?! Crazy! Anyway, I knew there was a good chance tomorrow would be crazy enough I wouldn't get you again, Happy Anniversary! :o)