Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We survived the sickness of winter. How? I really do not know, it is all a blur!
January went just as expected....mild flu symptoms, head colds, and the "not to fun" winter virus. If there was a sickness, we had it. But I never expected February to be just as bad. Week after week of ear infections, head colds (again), major runny noses, and the Rota Virus. To say that life was emotional, sleepless, and stressful was an understatement. After 6 long and cold weeks....we have today!!!
TODAY NO ONE IS SICK AND TO CELEBRATE...THE SUN IS OUT!! I feel like singing and dancing!!! I guess one perfect day out of 42 is all one needs to lift the energy and give hope!! Summer is really coming...not for a couple more months but it is coming!!
For Caleb, today was the perfect "First" day not to be sick. The mini tractors and concrete plows are in front of the house fixing the road. It's like "BOB THE BUILDER" live!! I can tell Caleb is feeling better because he is quite the comic...always trying to make his sisters laugh. He makes the "much favorite" Mac N' Cheese with an apple seem hilarious! He has become my little helper ever since last weeks Nail Polish debacle and has actually kept his room spotless!!! But I do not understand why he woke up at 5am this morning. Why?
This week marks the first week that Aubrey hasn't had to be dragged to school...LITERALLY. We have to DRAG her out of bed, I have to wrestle her while dressing her, and when her teacher goes to get her out of the car she gets stiff and refuses to move. To say she is not a morning person is an understatement! I remember the days when I wasn't a morning person. Now it is not optional. For some reason this week she has gotten herself dresses and is constantly saying "Mom, we are going to be late...hurry!" "Can Dad take me?"

Lately when I pick her up from school the first thing she says is:
"Can I go to Gerbetos house?"
"He is my friend!"
After a week of begging I looked into it and found out Gerbeto and his mom do not speak English. Which makes it extremely hard for me to set up a play date! Also, Gerbeto's Mom has a pink van (PINK) which explains why Aubrey has requested that we also buy a Pink van.Ainsley is finally feeling better. Thank goodness! Poor little Ainsley dropped back down to 18 pounds. With the way she eats (just like Caleb) I know she will gain her 4 pounds back fast! Ainsley loves laughing at Caleb! She cut her last 2 top teeth this past week and loves to show them off. I have also taught her new words:
More Please
What's That?
Pooh (always used to state the obvious)
They are not to clear yet but she loves saying them.

Funny News:
The other night Andy was watching Ni- Hao Kai-lan with the kids (a cartoon like "Dora the Explorer" but with Chinese instead of Spanish). All of a sudden he was laughing. It was a very emotional time of the night, the kids had been sick all day, they were cranky, and I was tired. I could not understand why he was laughing so loud and so much. The cartoon uses a lot of chinese and takes long passes so you can repeat certain chinese words back....Do you know how to say Snow in Chinese???
I started laughing...what a highlight to a long hard day!!!


Brittany Hepworth said...

So Sara, How do you say "Snow" in Chinese?

The Griner Family: said...

Brittany, It sounds like shui (with the "u" and "i" dragged out)...but when pronounced by a Chinese child over and over again it starts to sounds like a swear word. Although inappropriate, if you are tired and have had a really really bad day it becomes somewhat amusing and shocking!