Thursday, February 19, 2009

48 hours after the Caleb nail polish disaster life and daily structure is finally back to normal! Ainsley's hair is also finally back to the normal, static, and messy state it always is! I am so glad she didn't loose too much hair in "operation remove nail polish" task. What an ordeal!
Although, Ainsley has spent the last full 24 hours throwing up I have high hopes that she will feel better this afternoon. I think what everyone needs is a good long quiet nap!!! I think if I plan things right I might be able to have an "abnormal" day on Saturday!!

Caleb and Ainsley both have the Rota Virus. Long nights and hard days. The poor kids and the poor new does a piece of furniture recover from so much throw up?? Summer cant seem to get here soon enough!

Good News of the day:
1. Congradulations Uncle Greg and Aunt Jackie!! We hope mom and Berkley are both doing well!!! We loved looking at the pictures! He deffinatly looks like HYDE! The more cousins the merrier!!!
2. We get our car back this afternoon and we are patiently awaiting our tax returns so we can buy a family wagon. After much research we have narrowed down the type of van we want and can afford, now if only we can agree on the color. Who will be continued!

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Gretch! said...

That would be the driver! YOU !
sorry Andy! You loose on this one!!