Sunday, February 8, 2009

The First week of February
Every year I dread January...the sickness, the snow, and the cold. I have been counting down the days until February was here BUT the first week turned out a bit rocky.Sunday, Andy and Ainsley were sick with a cough but I was grateful Caleb wasn't sick. By Monday I was eating my words when Caleb started the morning sprawled on the kitchen floor screaming...he was a little warm, had a bad cough, and a never ending runny nose. I did not think his symptoms warranted the strange behavior but lately he does tend to be over dramatic. After carrying him around all day; by 4 o'clock I broke down and called my the same time Caleb started rolling around holding his ears. After a quick answer that he had an ear infection, confirmed by Marlene I called my "always saves the day" neighbor for a near by Urgent Care Center. I waited for Andy to get home (7:30) and an hour later we were out of the KU Medical and on our way to Walgreens for medication. A DOUBLE EAR INFECTION. After 3 more days of carrying a crying Caleb around I was ready to get out of the house. With the outside temperature of 65 and the car tagged and licensed we headed to a newly discovered park. It was nice to go play, and be outside!! We even went to a different park later that night when Andy got home from work!
I need to add that part of my frustrating week was getting pulled over twice and taking the drivers side mirror off the car while pulling out of the driveway. Talk about bad luck. I went through last summers storage tubs and broke out flip flops for Aubrey, shorts for Caleb (although they were a little snug in the stomach/bum area), and a sundress/flip flops for Ainsley!Ainsley's hair is finally long enough for real piggy tails! She even let me paint her toe nails!Saturday was a great end to a crazy week! It was over 70 outside, we sold our coffee table on Craigslist in less then an hour, and we got a lot done. Andy raked and picked up the dreaded and never ending leaves from our front yard (the side yard it just going to have to wait until March when I can mow them), the kids played on the neighbors trampoline, I took the kids to the park while Andy put our new grill together, and we had the neighbors over for a cook out!!! I cant wait until Summer!!!

Good News Updates:
1. Ainsley says "eye", "bum", and shakes her head yes if she wants something!
2. After 5 days of crying and crankiness Caleb is finally feeling better.
3. Aubrey's desire to move to Mexico this week was relentless..."I love Mexico!" "But David and Trinity are moving to Mexico." "They have new schools in Mexico Mom!"
I honestly had no idea what to say and without advance warning it was hard to come up with a logical comment, so I said "Aubrey, we cant move to Mexico because the water is gross!" she instantly said "That's okay, I will drink milk!"
4. Since Andy has totally thrown out my desired boy name "Bleaker" I have named the kids new cabbage patch doll Bleaker. Hopefully, after hear "Where is Bleaker?", "I cant find Bleaker!", "I love taking care of Bleaker!" all day from the kids Andy will grow to like it!!!


Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

I don't know how you do it, Sara! You are amazing. I am completely jealous of the warm weather! Still snowing and in the 30's and I'm getting a little stir-crazy. Isn't Bleaker the character on the muppets that wore a white scientist jacket and spoke in a really high nonsense voice? Good luck with convincing Andy!

Clair said...

I love seeing Ainsley in the pigtails. Glad you are all better and got to enjoy some good weather. Bleaker?!?! Now, I normally try to stay out of people's business (sort of) but you are kidding about the name right? The muppets guy is Beaker but same difference.