Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So, on facebook friends/family keep tagging me to say 25 interesting things about me. I am a really boring person but since I turned 24 today I guess I can think of 24 things about me.Here we go....
1. Today I turned 24. It would be nice to be 30. 30 sounds like a mature, responsible, and all knowing age. If I think about it long enough though 30 scares me. What will I become by the time I am 30? Will I be knowledgeable enough to help my kids with homework? Will I be able to cook an entire meal without burning something? Will my house be painted and organized? Will I have become the kind of mom and person I really want to be?
2. For an entire month and 2 days a year I am the same age as Seth and Spencer. I am not sure how my mom had 3 babies and stayed sane. Super woman!
3. Growing up I moved often. 1o moves, 5 states, and a bunch of fun memories.
4. When my family first moved to Smoot, Wyoming it was a big change from hot and sunny Arizona. I had 3 friends that summer Anna Barnes, Jenna Welch, and Laura Keeley. One day Anna and Jenna said they were going to come and pick me up to go play....3o minutes later they showed up to get me riding horses. HORSES!!! I couldn't believe it!
5. I love putting cottage cheese on my hotdog. I rarely eat a hotdog with out it.
6. I hate pizza. Gross!
7. I cried last season when DeAnna didn't pick Jason at the final rose ceramony on the Batchelorette. Idiot! This season I think Jason will pick Melissa, Molly, or Jillian. DeAnna you snooze you loose!
8. I played high school volleyball, basketball, and tennis.
9. I have trouble sleeping at night. Caleb is only part of the reason!
10. The summer of 2001 me and Ashley Thompson spent every chance we got in Shalimar with the Mullican brothers. That was an awesome summer! I even got to drive Ashely's POS rosebud!
11. I bought my first car...Red Honda Accord 1992. It was awesome...Steffaney crashed it a couple years later.
12. My first job was at McDonalds. On the 4th of July Brandon let me and Sabrina stand on the roof and watch the fireworks.
13. I blame Spencer for breaking mom's glass table in Idaho. I was just watching:)
14. The first year me and Andy were married Andy bought 1% milk. I looked at him like he was crazy. Gross! To this day I can only have skim milk in my cereal, I cant even drink milk. It is my dads fault. In Wyoming my dad bought Milk from the farm across the street. Have you ever truly had cows milk?? Yuck!!
15. I love going to family reunions. The same traditions, family fun, and crazy stories every 2 years. It doesn't get any better then that!
16. On my 18th birthday my parents bought my wedding dress.
17. My Great Grandma and Grandpa Clark made me/siblings sing the Wyoming state song all the way from Ashton, ID to SV, Wyoming. I sang the song at my Grandma's funeral and I can still remember every word.
18. I love the Disney movie Meet the Robinson's. Every time Aubrey/Caleb watch it I try to watch it with them. I cry at the end every time. What a good clever movie!
19. I was married almost 6 years ago in the Nauvoo temple.
20. In college we would all get together and drive out to the mines. We had cases of glass rootbeer bottles from Frontier Pies (where we all worked, but never got paid:), filled them with gasoline, lit them on fire, and watched them fall hundreds of feet until they exploded. Oh, the college days with Andy were so much fun.
21. I think Andy is a great dad.
22. Growing up I wanted 9 kids. All boys. Can you image me with 9 Calebs!!! I wouldn't survive. I am so thankful for my little girly Aubrey she is such a joy to have around. Everything is princesses, dresses, dolls, and lip gloss. I am not sure if Ainsley is a girly girl or not. She is more like a mini Caleb. Oh boy!
23. Caleb was Colici until he was 1 and 3 months. The discovery of Boynton was crucial to my sanity. So much so, that when Caleb took Boynton into the baby pool with him (making Boynton unavailable for bedtime) Andy and Nate ran to Kohls and bought 2 more. You can never be to prepared!
24. I love where I am in my life. I love being a mom, learning, growing, and over coming challenges daily. I hope when I am 30 I will be able to look back on 2009 and laugh. What a crazy couple of years I have had!!!


Julia said...

Happy birthday! Those are some fun facts to read. I like the exploding root beer bottles. I can't believe you've been married for 6 years! And that you got married in the nauvoo temple! That is so awesome, I've been there once and couldn't go in, I'd love to go back again. Thats really neat! And I totally agree about Jason, I think Melissa is ADORABLE! And Jillian is gorgeous and molly is cute and bubbly. I'm so anxious to see what happens when Deanna comes back! Crazy!

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

I knew I missed something last night...I just couldn't pin point it. :o) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I've been thinking a lot about my trip to FL to visit you...what times hu? terrifying to me. But one thing I can count on is you'll still be there...I heard our song the other day...23. :o) How life has changed! :o) You are the best!

Laura said...

Happy Late Birthday!

swampbaby said...

Wow! You are a young one! I don't think I've ever gotten that "I'm a grown up" feeling yet. That's the secret to staying young :-)

Cheryl said...

I can think of several other things you and Ash did!! :-) All in all you turned out to be a great mommy and wife!

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

That was very fun to read! YOu look so cute in that picture!