Saturday, January 24, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

There are 3 things I could live off of for the rest of my life. If something ever happened and I could only pick 3 food items to eat every day for the rest of forever it would be....
Mash Potatoes (of course, that is a given)
Dad's home made whole wheat bread (made by dad not me)
and the most important
GRANDMA'S JAM!!For Christmas 2007 I wanted more then anything to have Grandma's jam. I knew that was impossible because my grandma was hurt and could not travel. 2 weeks before Christmas I received the usual large UPS box from Pocatello, ID. Upon opening I expected the usual gifts for the kids, banana and zuccini bread, and yummy nuts. But that year I received 8 specialty packaged frozen jam containers along with the bread, nuts, and gifts for the kids. Talk about the best Christmas ever!!! Well we ran out of jam in August so life was pretty sad. Luckily Seth got married in January and I was able to bring home 8 more yummy jam containers!!!
The goal was to use it sparingly so that it would last until August (when the baby is due, Grandpa and Grandpa Rasmussen usually come up for the blessing)....but that does not seem like a possibility. It has been 2 weeks and one containter is gone and another going fast!
Maybe if the kids would get more in their mouth and less on their face it would last longer. Boy is it good!!!!

**Good news:
1. Caleb went an entire week without destroying everything. He had two minutes of weekness that had to do with Cherry 7 up and the same couch cussion that he colored yellow on one side and painted with red nail polish on the other side. But overall I think he has a very good week!!
2. Ainsley finally cut 2 more teeth. Yahoo!! Will she stop crying??? To Be Determined.
3. After looking every where and turning the house upside down yesterday the car keys (which included the main car key, a key to the toy/snack nursery closet and a house key) had completely vanished. They were on the table one minute and gone the next. I asked the kids, opened up 2 trash bags from that mornings cleaning, and looked in the washer/dryer. Gone. After confessing to Andy he said "Sara, they do not just vanish. They are here somewhere." I heard him move stuff around in the kitchen drawer for a minute and then he came to the conclusion "Sara, why do you misplace everything?" I thought in my mind...they were on the table at 7:55 and when I went to grab them at 8:00 they were gone. Vanished!!!
Well, this morning Andy called me from work and said "I found the keys." He found the keys, how did he find the keys? So I asked. He made up some story so I asked him again. He said "They were in my pocket." HIS POCKET!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I would say he owes me big but that is an understatement!


Sunshine and Snoug said...

Ya that Jam is insane!!! My freshman year grandma gave me 3 at thanksgiving and between me and my 3 roommates they were completely gone by the time we all went home for christmas 2 1/2 weeks later! Caleb is so adorable!

swampbaby said...

I hopped over here from Gretchen's blog. You're pregnant??!!??

Gretch! said...

Will you spare a tablespoon full????

Shame shame shame on you ANDY!!!!!
No jam for you!!

Kristen and Spencer said...

Happy Birthday Sara! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

swampbaby said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!

The Batemans said...

Happy Birthday! The 24 facts were fun to read. I hope you had a great day!