Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcoming 2009

Our start to 2009 was different this year. It was the first year since the kids were born that we haven't gone to Florida. With my brother Seth getting married on January 2nd I left Andy behind with the kids and headed out to Utah. It was nice to take a mini vacation and spend time with my family. I rung in the New Year with my Clark family and spent New Years Day with my entire extended family on my mom's Hyde/Grayson side!!! It was the first time we have all been together since 2002. As much as we have all change and been through over the past 6 years its nice to be a family, still competitive during games, and old joke's and memories never forgotten! I wish I had a picture. Maybe next time.

Well, after the wedding my parents drove me home. It is nice to be home. Andy had the house clean, laundry done, and the kids were still alive, clean, and happy!!! He did a great job.

2009 brought 1 BIG ANTISIPATED change. Caleb is a SUNBEAM!!! We thought it almost wasn't going to happen because he had the flu on Friday. 12 hours later he was all better and 24 hours later we were headed to church. Ever since Caleb was 8 months old he has been in Nursery with us. To say that Andy and I were excited was an understatement. I sang the SUNBEAM song all morning and told him all about Sister Dallman and how he would get to sit in front of Aubrey now because she was a CTR 5!
Ainsley was very excited too! She gets to be all by herself in Nursery. No Caleb around to out show her. She even let me curl her hair and she wore a bow without crying!!!

Well, 2 pm came and Caleb headed to Primary with Aubrey. 5 mintues later the Primary President came and told me Caleb was crying and they couldn't get him to stop!! I quickly went in to his class to reassure him I was close by. I told him he was 3 1/2 and way to old and big to be in Nursery (since he was the only 3 year year old boy in Nursey he was twice everyones size and twice as loud)! He said "Okay Mom. I love you. You can go."

Overall, Sunday was a good start to the week. To bad Ainsley and I got the flu bug late Sunday night. After a long and very sad Monday we were finally feeling better, but around 4am this morning Aubrey was sick. I figure I have about 11 loads of laundry to do today, sheets, blankets, clothes, conforters, and towels. Boy oh Boy. What a week! We just hope Andy doesn't get sick!

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Clair said...

Ainsley's hair is getting long. Cute post. Cute kids.