Saturday, December 27, 2008


I have posted 4 or so new make sure you scroll all the way down after reading this one!!! We have had lots of fun in December!

Now that I have all my Christmas Stuff boxed up and put away I am trying to get caught up with blogging!!! Boy, was I behind!! Christmas Day was a lot of fun. A lot of excitement and anticipation went into the Christmas Day preparation!

The kids woke up at 7am!! 7am how wonderful!! Aubrey's favorite item in her stocking was the lip gloss and High School Musical singing pens!
Caleb dug through his stocking excited for every little toy and relieved that he didn't get coal!
Ainsley dumped out her stocking immediately so I was unable to get a picture. She loved everything!
Caleb loved his little singing TRAMPOLINE!!
Caleb loved Aubrey's tent.After breakfast we opened presents. Aubrey was kind enough to share her lip gloss!
Caleb had fun opening all his presents!
Ainsley was excited to have presents that were "just for her".
After the children opened their individual presents it was time for them to open the big "just for kids" present! A mini roller coaster!!!
Aubrey was first. She went slowly and cautiously.
Ainsley loved to just sit at the top. That was good enough for her!
Caleb and Aubrey put her on the car and pushed her down. What a face!
Caleb went quickly....zooming past the wood floor right into my newly painted wall.

We had a fun Christmas. It was wonderful month and the start of new traditions. We enjoyed reading 25 Christmas Stories, singing 25 Christmas songs/hymns, and reading 25 scriptures to count down the 25 days until. We loved watching all the Christmas movies, eating all the Christmas goodies, and doing all the Christmas crafts.

Now with the tree down and Christmas decorations put away I look forward to 2009 and I am so grateful for everything I have learned, experienced, and done in 2008. I hope with 2009 I make less mistakes as a mother, wife, and person. It's a long shot, but I hope I learn how to cook 5 wonderful meals, that I do not dye/cut my hair, and that I can keep up with the laundry. So, here's to 2009! Happy New Years!

**more pictures posted below!


Cheryl said...

First of all, awesome pictures, especially of Ainsley on the roller coaster! Where did you get the trampoline? how adorable!! You are such a good mommy Sara!! I am so proud of you!

Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

I love Christmas pictures where the kids still look like sleepy heads but they are so excited to be opening presents! So cute.

Jacob and Heather said...

Looks like you had a fun Christmas! We came home a few days ago and your Christmas card was waiting for us. It was really cute! Glad you guys are doing so well! How was the wedding!? and yes I bet the Clark boys were in utter shock after that Sugar Bowl game!