Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Night!

We drove down to Windsor to have a nice Ham Dinner with Andy's parents and Aunt Judy. After the dinner Paul read from the Bible while the kids acted it out.Caleb was Joseph!

Ainsley was the sheep but kept making pig noises!
Aubrey was Mary! After we acted out the Nativity Aunt Judy, sang the kids a couple songs, and then it was time to open the presents from the Griner Grandparents and Aunt Judy!
Ainsley got a fun crib toy, turtle toy, and stuffed Animals!
Caleb got Golf Clubs, Balls, with a Carrying Case along with coloring books!
Aubrey got a mini Aubrey doll with accessories and coloring books!

Aubrey and Caleb were so excited to open their Doctors kit! They have wanted one ever since Caleb's stay in the hospital. They made sure to check everyone blood pressure and temperature before we had cake!
On the drive home from Windsor Aubrey was so excited. Looking up in the sky for Santa and singing Christmas songs. Ainsley cried all the way home and Caleb fell asleep!

**Look below for more pictures!

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