Sunday, December 14, 2008

The First half of DecemberThis month has flown by quickly with a lot of craziness, hussel & bussle, and holiday planning. I cannot believe Christmas is almost here.
After a busy morning of cleaning and organizing toys I put Ainlsey down for a nap. 45 minutes later I hear laughter(coming from Caleb) with a mix of concern (coming from Ainsley). Caleb had woken Ainsley up from her nap and put every single toy she had in her bed.
Aubrey's artistic ability has really progress since she has started school. She loves to draw!
At least 3 times a week before she goes to bed she asked me to put curlers in her hair so her hair can be "beautiful" for school the next day!
Our Christmas tree still has all of the ornaments on it. With the threat of having "NO CHRISTMAS TREE" the kids like to sit really close and look. Over the last couple of days they have asked to me to put the presents under the tree.
"We wont open them, Mom!" "We will just look and love them!"
Ya right!!! All presents are wrapped and put up high.
Earlier this month we had a snow storm. The news broadcasters said the snow wouldn't start until the evening so I dropped Aubrey off at school and ran errands with Caleb/Ainsley. An hour later the roads were icy, snow was coming down like crazy, and we were in the car caught in the middle of it. That evening the kids had fun going out in the snow. The first thing they do is plop themselves down and make a snow angel! BURRR!
When Caleb is suppose to be having "quiet time" he is usual really loud and I can hear toys being thrown. The other day he was surprisingly quiet. I went up there to listen to him...he was talking so I opened the door. "Its okay mom. I am stuck. I can not get down out of the boat."
Ainsley loves food. She is always bringing me a bib or spoon so she can eat. If she could she would eat all day. The thing is that... every time she puts food in her mouth she grabs her hair while she chews. At the end of every meal her hair is disgusting and a serious scrub down bath is a must!
Family pictures. Nothing has changed from last year. Bribes, loves, and pretty clothes do not promise a cute kid picture. 3 tries and this is as good as it got!
Surprisingly Caleb was the best (with the promise of bubble gum). Out of 20 pictures taken at least 15 were usable!
With Aubrey 2 separate attempts 20 pictures and only 2 usable. The minute she knows I am taking a picture she frowns or she sticks her jaw out. Weird.With Ainsley 3 different tries, a lot of silly faces, and over 30 pictures later this was the only one usable!!
I would say December was been a fun month for us.
Caleb is constantly saying:
"But Dad said it was okay!"
"Aubrey is my best friend!"
"But I do not want Ainsley to touch my toy."
Aubrey is always saying:
"Just teasing"
"Miss Susan...."
"Oh no Mom. Look was Caleb did!"
Ainsley doesn't talk yet and for the time being I am glad. I wonder if she will be LOUD like Caleb of shy like Aubrey?! I guess time will tell!


Sunshine and Snoug said...

Haha! Caleb is such a little flirt for the camera, and I guess Ainley is totally taking after her aunt sydney in eating anything and everything around her! That's cute that Aubrey wants to be beautiful all the time, just like her beautiful mom!

Kristen and Spencer said...

Your kids are so cute! It looks like you have had a busy month! Your tree looks amazing :)

Clair said...

Way to post half a month at once! The single pics of the kids are very good- well Caleb and Aubrey- Ainsley is cute of course but we can't see her too well. Group photos are almost impossible huh?

Gretch! said...

Next time you need a pic, have Raegan come over to make Ainsley smile!!

Your tree is sooo beautiful!

Aubrey is talented! That Kitty was cute!!

Cheryl said...

My kids are grown and Kyle is 18; and we still don't get that perfect shot! I've even considered photoshopping one head to another body to see if I can that perfect picture - but hey, then it wouldn't truly represent our "family"! The photos are adorable!