Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting Out!!Today was the first day in January that the Griner house hasn't been sick. The sun was out and neighbors were out and about playing football in the street and walking their dogs. At 4:45 Andy opened the front door and we were ready. Aubrey/Caleb put their helmets on, got on their bikes, and we put Ainsley in a wagon for a 2 hour walk. Talking to neighbors and smelling the outside was wonderful. Caleb has to slam on his brakes ever 2 minutes "What's that?" and he can name every neighborhood dog or cat within a 3 block radius. Aubrey just kept saying "Oh, this is wonderful Mom!" It was a nice evening and of course Ainsley has to SUPPORT THE TEAM!!!

**Ainsley can say:
What's that?
**Ainsley can also identify 8 body parts!!! Go Ainsley!!!


Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

My kids look out the window about once an hour I think and start making those whining sounds that I know are really pleas to go outside. I am SO ready for summer and being able to go play! It sounds like YOU deserved that two hour walk more than anyone! :o) It's good to hear everyone is feeling well!
PS Tell Stephanie that she looks GORGEOUS on the BYUI website. :o)

Laura said...

That is awesome you were all able to go out!!! I am glad that no one is sick right now at your home either!

Clair said...

Hooray! Glad you're all better and I was also happy about the not freezing weather yesterday.

Brittany Hepworth said...

That would be so wonderful!! I'm glad that your kids got out of the house after being SOO sick!?
Literally a breath of fresh air!

Sunshine and Snoug said...

so cute, sis! What a nice evening. Remember when we all went for a bike ride with mom and dad in Peoria and all of our bikes got flats, and we had to sit there while spence and mom road back to get dad's truck...haha!