Sunday, January 18, 2009

What do you cling to when you are sick?

Well, it has been 9 days. 9 days of sneezing, crying, no sleep, and throw up. 9 days. I have washed, re washed, and cried over why I still smelt throw up. I haven't been out of the house (really) in 9 days...I am actually some what okay with that because it is freezing cold out there. The kids are reverted back to old ways of comfort. I haven't seen Boynton in month...but for some reason Caleb needed Boynton. He said, "How will I feel better without Boynton, Mom?" After a long search, and finally going down into the basement I found Boynton smashed behind the couch and covered in dust.Aubrey has reverted back to princess life. She has been in "I am a good mommy mode" for the past month and all of her princess stuff was shoved out of sight.

And Ainsley....well. Her blanket...her one blanket that I had to wash 5 times in one day and by bed time it was thrown up on again.
On day 2 of Ainsley's sickness she has absolutley no more shirts but she did not care because she had her thumb and blanket!!!
By last night everyone seemed to be feeling better. FINALLY!!! They seemed to be full of energy, I had finish all laundry, and Max and Ruby was almost over (which means time for bed). Unfortunately that was short lived and by 2am Ainsley was sick again. What a week. I hope that in July when the weather is perfect and we are all eating corn on the cob and watermellon I will look back at this week and laugh. Gotta love January.
**Something funny among the sickness...Aubrey calls the Pocahontas movie "I want to watch the Joseph Smith movie" (we think because of John Smith) and during the opening of the Arizona/Eagles game Jordan Sparks sang the National Anthem and Aubrey said "Look Dad, Pocahontas!" Obviously, there is much confusion and hopefully we can sort in out during FHE tomorrow night!!


Clair said...

Boynton!! Oh boy, you must get out soon- At least a trip to Wal-mart.

Laura said...

Wow, what a week and a half you have had. I hope that you guys stay healthy the rest of the winter. You for sure have had your share.

Kristen and Spencer said...

Sara! I can't believe your kids are sick again. Hopefully after this round they will be done being sick for the winter! They have definately had their share.

Sunshine and Snoug said...

Haha, I love the pocahontas mix up! That's hilarious! I'm so sorry it's been so stressful for 9 days. That just sounds horrible. The kids look like they're taken care of so well, you're such a great mom!

Brittany Hepworth said...

Oh Sara!
I feel for you! Ben and I had to stay home without anyone coming to visit for 2 weeks. It was a long 2 weeks of sickness and no fun?!

I'm glad that you kids are feeling much better. You should try Arm & Hammer Detergent to get the smell out! It works great! Good Luck!