Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Less then 10 Minutes
In less then 10 minutes the calm and normal structure of the morning can completely change. Why you might ask? Have you ever had a Caleb?

Yesterday morning (after spending the long weekend with a head cold) I was feeling better so after dropping Aubrey off at school I took Caleb and Ainsley to Walmart for "the must have, cant wait a day longer, I promise to be really good" soccer ball and HSM3 Blu-ray. When we got home I started cleaning the family room, kitchen, and dinning room. Caleb was really good to help and Ainsley was playing quietly upstairs in her room. Caleb said he was going upstairs to get his vacuum and that was that. I had lost track of time and was focused mainly on getting everything cleaned before I had to pick up Aubrey. After less then 10 minutes I had a weird feeling. It was WAY to quiet. I grabbed the camera (I thought I would be able to capture a quiet loving brother/sister moment) and headed to Ainsley's room. Caleb must have heard me coming because he slammed the door and pushed his body weight up against it so I couldn't get in. OH NO!! What has happened??

When I was finally able to push my way in (he is a very compact buff/chubby kid) he was already crying. Nail polish everywhere. My make-up everywhere. Of course, I still had Caleb and Ainsley in their nice clothes (not over worn play clothes...I save a special, not bought on sale, outfit for the kids to wear ONLY when we go out in public).
It appeared to me that Ainsley was the primary target.
With little time I tried to wipe it off Ainsley. No luck. I swooped both kids up and carried them down the stairs to put them in the car (I notice on my way downstairs that nail polish was ALL down the stairs, upstairs hall, and Ainsley's bedroom floor). During the car ride across town to pick up Aubrey Ainsley non-stop kept saying "UH, OH. OH. UH, OH. OH. MOM."
Upon returning home Caleb was in BIG trouble. I called my dad who lacked compassion but not honesty. Although I would have rather had the compassion I know I needed the honesty. He said, "Sara, Caleb is not smarter then you. HIDE YOUR STUFF and start scrubbing. I love you, you'll be okay."
I spent over an hour scrubbing the stairs/upstairs hall and was able to get the nail polish out! I was able to get half the nail polish out of Ainsley's floor before I ran out of stain remover. I was not able to get it off of Ainsley because Caleb dumped out my nail polish remover on his path to total destruction. I tried to use soap but no luck. Poor Ainsley.
The good news of the day came at 7 pm. An hour after Andy got home I scrubbed and scrubbed Ainsley's soft little face with nail polish remover and was able to get it off her cheeks, forehead, ears, and nose. I was unable to get it out of her hair or loose from her scalp. Poor Ainsley.
As for Caleb and Ainsley's nice clothes. They were gonners. No amount of scrubbing was able to remove the nail polish.
I would like add that while I was driving to pick up Aubrey the car kept over heating. What a cake topper!!! I am doccumenting this day because no child was sick (FINALLY, the first day all 2009), I have been saying for the last 2 months how exciting and nice it would be to have a day without a sick child. It has been so long that I forgot how "ON TOP OF MY GAME" I have to be when life is normal.
My dad said something that had me thinking.
I said, "Can't I just catch a break...just one break. Just one normal day?"
Dad said, "Sara Jean, this is a normal day for you. This is what it is like to have 3 little kids with one on the way."
I said, "Dad, I just need one teeny tiny break. Can I just catch one break?"
Dad said, "No, but love Caleb and look forward to night time when he is sleeping!"
He later emailed me and said, "Pray for an abnormal day."
So, here is hoping for an abnormal day and here's hoping we have another girl and not a boy. I guess we will find out next Friday (I wanted to wait until the baby was born but Andy wants to be prepared). Do not get me wrong, I love Caleb. He is my little buddy and says the most entertaining things. But for right now I do not think I can handle 2 Caleb's and I do not know how poor little Ainsley would survive!


Matt, Ella, and Jane said...

WOW. Caleb is amazing!!! He is so cute though.
And from what I hear not all boys are SO rambunctious. That's what I'm telling myself anyway. :) So, are you already 20 weeks next Friday?! I'm excited to find out what you're having!

Julia said...

OH NO! That is so crazy. Poor little Ainsley! She looks so distraught over it all. Glad to hear you could atleast get it out of your floor. That nail polish is SO hard to get out of anything! You poor girl, sounds like some tiring days.

Laura said...

Wow, what a day. That is crazy. I hope that you never have to repeat a day like that =)

Eric and Ashley Wheeler Family said...

I LOVE your blog! I think you should start writing a book, the Chronicles of Caleb! You'd be a millionaire in NO time! :o) Hopefully you get a really peaceful nights sleep and an abnormal day tomorrow. :o)

Gretch! said...

How did he survive?

Sara! When I pictured Ainsley in my head it wasn't that bad, but those pictures......!

How horrible!

I'm glad I am only two doors down. Just in case he pulls a stunt like that again!

I havn't told you the story of the couch fire! Or have I !?

Gretch! said...

hey! You forgot to mention how me and your Dad think just alike!

And what about the wooden spoon?!

Cheryl said...

Caleb sounds just like Mikie when he was younger, always into something, poor Jon always taking the brunt of it. I was busy one morning and thought they were playing and I got that same feeling, "it's too quiet" I go into their room and Mikie had poured baby oil all over Jon and then baby powder! Can you imagine the mess? Hang in there, I promise it gets better!