Sunday, March 21, 2010

Because... I'm THAT mom!

What a busy spring break we have had. Van accident, Time Change, Pool hopping, Explorer Room, Family Night, and the Mall all followed by snow snow SNOW!!! To be honest I was 50/50 for spring break. I was dreading the early mornings, long days, and sleepless night but happy to not have to worry about shuttling the kids off to school/sport activities!

Right before spring break (on our 7 year anniversary) Andy was bringing Aubrey home from Cheerleading and wrecked the van. MY mode of transportation and my vehicle to freedom. Luckily it wasn't too bad just the loss of a bumper, a head light smashed, and a strange strange sound coming from the front area. It was suppose to be fixed by Wednesday but now they are saying next Wednesday. They must not understand the important part a van plays in the life of a mom during spring break! Maybe I should write them a letter because talking to them over the phone has not seemed to help.Friday morning our spring break began bright and early!!! Clean house, clean clothes, and packed lunches....we were on our way to Crown Center with The Nash Family, The Adkins Family, and The Birdsaw Family!!! It was packed so crowded but the kids didn't care. Tate had fun looking at all the different colors at the Fairy Tale Exhibit!
And you wonder why Ainsley has a broken arm....After a couple of hours we headed home and got dressed to meet The Watts Family at the pool. It was fun to see our neighbors their too!
Day 1 of our pool membership! I wasn't sure how the kids would do. But they loved the water. Taking 4 kids to the pool was 10x easier then I thought it would be! Ainsley loved to stick her face in the water....odd!
Tate loved everything. He was so easy going. I could set him down every where and any where and he was happy. Curious and Happy! He loved playing with the water spout and splashing water in his face!
When it was time to go home Tate was tired!! Aubrey and Caleb spent the evening at The Watt's house and came home just in time for bed!!!
Tuesday morning we headed to the Rec Center for "play gym." It was basically a big gym filled with toys and lots of kids!
A broken arm doesn't stop Ainsley but after 45 minutes the kids were ready to go swimming!
On the second day the kids wouldn't wear life jackets because none of their friends had them. Since the water is only 2 inches deep I just kept a really close eye on them.
Tate loves Makiya's hair!
Aubrey, Ipo, and Kina!
The Never Ending Story Movie night! After a long day at the pool (we went in the morning on Tuesday and then we went back in the evening) sitting down to watch a movie with dad but a nice change!
Wednesday morning with the house clean we had a Spring Party! 8 mom's, a lot of kids, and lots of fun food rounded out our 4 hours of non-stop fun! It was a little bit rainy outside but that didn't stop the kids from jumping on the trampoline! Wednesday night we went back to the pool!
Ainsley, Kina, Makiya, Nauni, Ipo, Tate, Aubrey, Tiava, Malcolm, Caleb, and Marcello! This was our little pool group for the week (minus Alec, Ryan, Carson, and AubreyAnna). Thursday we went in the morning and then back in the evening until closing time!
Friday....Tate stands!!! He pulls himself up and stands!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!
I wish I could say that nobody is wearing pants because it is Spring Break but that is usually how is goes around here!
Friday morning Caleb had a doctors appointment. It was suppose to be just a wellness check up so they would let him go back to school but it ended up being a Kindergarten Physical. Not good!! I didn't prepare poor Caleb...6 shots and the G test. Boy oh Boy! After the doctor we headed to the Hubble Families house to play until lunch and then nap time. Of course, no one took a nap so we packed a dinner and headed to the pool! Staying until close was fun and the kids never get tired! By closing time Aubrey and Caleb were brave enough to go under the water with their noes closed! Yahoo!!! No week is complete without an accident. Caleb fell in the Explorer room. Blood everywhere and a Massive Swollen Top Lip! Nothing that an ice cream cone cant fix but it was so sad!
Saturday Morning...this is crazy!!! After a wonderful sunny week waking up to snow is just sad! But it didn't stop us from our tradition trip to Crown Center to meet Grandpa and Grandma Griner!We love the train restaurant! You can kind of see Caleb's swollen lip here!
After a yummy lunch we headed over to the Fairy Tale exhibit! Ainsley and Grandpa!
It was fun to spend time with Grandpa and Grandma. The kids got so tired they actually took a nap! After nap time we headed to the pool one last time before our weekly member ship ended!This is what cranky looks like! After a long full week at the pool Caleb was finally brave enough to go in the snake river with Constantine!!!

We had such a fun week. We loved playing with our friends, living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and not having a schedule. The kids went to bed around 10:30pm and woke up around 8:00am! It was a wonderful week!
Also, this week Aubrey has decided that she wants to be an Artist when she grows up! She is taking it very seriously! Caleb says he want to be SuperMan but after Andy told Caleb that superman wasn't a job Caleb cried and cried and cried until finally I intervened!
"Caleb, guess what I want to be when I grow up?"
"What Mom?"
"I want to be Super Man's mom when I grow up!"

So there you have it. I often times don't make my kids wear pants, sometimes I let them eat taco's for breakfast, donuts and apples for lunch, and whatever we can find for dinner. I let Ainsley jump on the trampoline while wearing a cast, I let Tate suck on bread crust, and I do not use a dust pan while sweeping. I do not mind that Caleb still wants to be Super Man and spend the week wanting to be called Super Man. I think he is pretty super. I guess it is because I am "THAT mom" and for right now I think that's okay.

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Ella said...

Oh, Sara! If I did a fraction of what you do Jane would think I was the coolest mom ever! I really don't know how you do it! And Tate is amazing!!