Friday, March 26, 2010

Back in the "spring" of things!

This week has not gone as smoothly as predicted. Spending a week without bedtimes, nap times, and our 4 year regular schedule was wonderful....going back to our regular schedule has been very hard. So, I guess you could say we "fell off the wagon!"
First wrong move...not putting the kids to bed early the night before school started again.
Second wrong move...not putting them to bed early the 2nd night.
It just kept going down hill from there.
Onto happier things...
Happiness #1 Good bye Cast!!! Ainsley was pretty sad. She wanted a new one but since it hadn't healed as much as they thought she was put in a removable splint. I was told to keep her in it ONLY when she is rough housing!!! Really, that is like all day. Some doctors....I wonder if they understand a 2 year old at all!
Saying goodbye to the cast was sad for Ainsley. She pointed to every name on it....Raegan, Sydney, Ashton, Nathan, Aubrey, A picture of Dad, a Flower from Mom, and C A L (written 2 times by Caleb).
Ready to roll!!! It only took her 3 minutes before she fell. I think I need to put her in a bubble for the next 4 weeks!!! Oh, has anyone noticed that doctors seem to look a lot younger these days?? I think its great but wow!!! They look young!Happiness #2. Tate
TATE is "My Man!" He is so perfect in every way. Wonderful, not naggy, happy, rarely cries. Has 6 teeth, crawls, lifts him self up back to sitting, and now standing! Happiness #3
Monday nights DWTS party!!! I love to watch DWTS. I love the outfits, the glitter, and the dancing!!! It has been along time since I have got to watch it in HD so 3 months in advance I "called it!" (not mature but what can you do) To celebrate the occasion of me getting to watch it on the tv in the basement I threw a party! Everyone was instructed to wear sparkles or be prepare to be sparkled!!! Glitter spray provided!
Tali, Heather, Aubrey, Bethany, and AllisonCherry showed up in her prom dress!!! How stinkin' AWESOME!!
It was a long running joke....that was even more hilarious in person!!!
All in all everyone stayed until midnight and DWTS was really good!! I wish I had a picture of the game we played and everyone that ended showing up. It was lots of fun and a big thanks to Andy who helped me clean when life got crazy the 30 minutes prior! Andy also spent the night on a daddy daughter date with Aubrey and reading a new book.Tuesday... with the kids back to school that meant extra daily homework...
Also, a breakdown in command. (Thanks Seth) When all was said and done it went pretty well. The letter "G" is very hard to write. After 25 minutes of frustrations...I had a plan. We formed a "G" with cereal and then traced it with our fingers. After that homework went pretty smoothly. I think, after 7 tries, Aubrey wrote it really good!!!
A U B R E Y G R I N E RTate is mobile!! He took his first step yesterday (while holding onto the couch/andy's foot)!!! My excitement scared him a little and he fell but Andy and Caleb both saw it!!!! YAHOO TATER!

Other news...
I keep calling Ainsley bug. I do not know if it is because she Bugs me endlessly or just because I lover her "bug-ches!"


Clair said...

Cool for Tate! I should tivo DWTS- i think I would really get into it but haven't watched it much yet- gotta keep up with Biggest Loser and American Idol you know. who still fits into her prom dress?! Oh yeah- you guys are only barely in your 20s so I guess that is forgivable. when seth got his cast off, the tech asked me "you don't want to keep this do you?!" "uh- no!" I guess some do or she wouldn't have asked. Ha. You didn't keep Ainsley's did you?! I know it won't fit in the scrapbook.

The Griner Family: said...

Ainsley cast was so gross I did not keep it. Blah!! As for the prom dress thing...most of the mom's that came are mid 30's (I still cant seem to find any mom's my age but there are a couple people without kids that are my age)!!!

Moses Family said...

Dear Sara,
When I grow up, I want to be just like you.