Monday, April 5, 2010

All the Krazy here in Kansas!

Where should I start?
Should I start with the 3 Parent Teacher Conferences or the massive pile of homework?
How about Ainsley falling off her bed (Again) and the big slice on the bottom of my foot?
Or maybe the trip to the pool that was followed by a trip to the doctor??
I could mention taking the kids to see How to Train your Dragon only to find out the 1:00 showing had been canceled and the next 3D showing wasn't until 3:00!!
NO. No, I think Will start with the Friday morning Fright that made us famous!!!

What happens on a perfect windy morning??
I decided to open all of the windows and paint in the kitchen while the weather was cool and the kids were calm....minute by minute it kept getting darker and darker outside. Hum. The cable was out but and it started to sprinkle. I closed the windows and suddenly they started shaking....then a whistle sound....then a yell from Caleb saying
"WHY IS OUR TRAMPOLINE IN THE FONT OF OUR HOUSE??"An 80 mph wind or mini tornado flew threw the side of our house lifting the 2 week old trampoline threw the side fence and into the street! Along with all of the house decorations and large branches that were in the way! Have you ever felt scared, in a panic, and confused at the same time??? A call to my neighbor was not reassuring since instant yelling occurred when she looked out her window and saw the disaster so I called Andy (who of course thought I was joking). I saw some neighbors running to get the trampoline out of the road (in the hail) so I ran out to help and got hit by a LARGE branch and multiple other flying objects! I also, put all the decorations back in place. And then calm.....sudden quiet windless calm.
Once the calm hit and the kids calmed down they were devastated and excited all in one. Of course, there was no school due to Parent Teacher Conferences.
This is the picture that was featured on the 6:00 oclock news! Awesome right?!! That big branch is the one that hit me. The trampoline was un-fixable. I was able to put it back together but when Andy started jumping on it (in hopes of straitening it out) it starting falling apart.
We are so grateful that the trampoline didn't go threw the house, land on the roof, or fly into a car. We are all safe and healthy.
After a very crazy Friday morning, Babysitting a friends little boy in the afternoon, and cleaning up the yard/fence/trampoline in the evening the kids were excited to go Saturday Morning to Andy's yearly Easter party with all the grandpa's and grandma's. Ainsley loved the Easter Bunny and Tate couldn't stop starring!
I am so glad they were able to dye Easter Eggs at the party! It wasn't really something I wanted to do at home!
While the 3 other kids dyed eggs, colored pictures, and made butterflies Tate entertained!!! He also waved for the first time!!!
After the Easter Egg Hunt we headed to Home Depot to make a Butterfly House!!! This is the 4th time we have gone and the kids get better and better every time!!!
Easter Morning! Fun Easter Baskets filled with Targets $1 bin items!!! And of course the coveted ELEFUN!! We were excited to have Grandpa Griner with us in the morning! After showering all of the kids, dressing all the kids, and watching the morning General Conference session "a couple" of families joined us for an Easter BBQ and Egg Hunt!!
You know how you invite people but only a couple ever show up?!! Well, NOT ON EASTER!!! 24 children and 23 adults, Ribs, Chicken, Hot Dogs, salads, peas, beans, fruits, sparkling grape juice, and magnificent deserts filled the house!
(Lonni, Sydney, Caleb, Tiavi, and Ainsley)
Kids surrounded the swing set, trampoline, and basement hockey table!
(Raegan, Sydney, Caleb, and in the back Makiya)
While the adults were able to socialize in the 72 degree weather!!
After a lunch we headed out in the front yard for the Easter Egg Hunt....
(Kyle, Allison, Bunni, Andy, Kina, Ainsley, Tiavi, and Nauni)
Aubrey found 8 eggs and was able to do the Easter Egg Hunt with the older kids this year!!
Caleb found 10 eggs....(he said he found 1000)! He wouldn't let me do his hair.
Ainsley found 7 eggs!! She was very competitive and quite the socialite!! It was a wonderful party and we were so lucky to be able to share it with friends (since family is so far away). The weather was incredible, as always on General Conference Weekend!

So, as the Krazy in Kansas continues on I would like to note that I have become an expert on putting Trampolines together....putting the new trampoline together Saturday made that the 3 times in 2 weeks!!!
Parent Teacher Conferences went really well for both Aubrey who really has
"Shown significant amount of improvement and is Such a Sweet Girl!"
and Caleb
"I wish I had an entire class of Calebs!"
A note about Caleb. Caleb's parent teacher conference was interesting. I thought every child had parent teacher conference until I asked another mom when her's was and she said her son didn't need one. WHAT?!!!! OH NO!! I asked Miss Susan about it so I could be prepared because I thought he was in the top of the class and she said...oh no. He is very bright but "tells jokes at inappropriate times and is constantly making the class laugh!"
Who does that sound like??? (hint...HIS DAD and I am sure everyone knows the story of 2008)
After talking with Caleb. He has done really good. No more jokes and No more making the class laugh!! Miss Susan was impressed!!! I remind Caleb every day before I drop him off and when I pick him he tells me all the times he could have made everyone laugh but didn't. Miss Susan said she doesn't want to loose the sweet little Caleb now its just a matter of finding a balance.
Balance would be if only we could balance out the crazy with the calm!!!
Things that I have said this week:
Why are you Naked?
If you aren't good we aren't going to the pool?
If you don't buckle I am calling the police?
Drink all of your milk so you can look like HULK!
Andy! Get the poop out of the fridge!!
(don't ask...gross...the things a mom has to do for their children)


Laura said...

Crazy about your tramp. Did the freak wind hit any other homes? It looks like you guys had a fun Easter!

Ella said...

Oh, the craziness! Tate is so, so, so cute! Andy, did anyone say, after seeing the Easter Bunny, "Don't ever take me to see an Easter Bunny like that again?" Remember?

The Griner Family: said...

Yeah I do remember that Easter Bunny with the scissor cut eye holes. I actually told the kids that this Easter bunny is just pretend before hand because this one looked so ridiculous. The guy is actually an Alzheimer's patient who does both Santa and the Easter bunny every year.