Sunday, May 2, 2010

April showers of FUN!!

Swimming at the Rec Center, playing at the park, 3 trips to the Museum, Bingo at Chick-fil-a, Diana Rose Farmstead, Play groups here, there, and everywhere!
Ainsley and Caleb all showered and clean...
it doesn't last more then an episode of Charlie and Lola but it sure is nice to see them clean!
(Yes, that is bacon Ainsley is holding. That is what happens when I do not lock the fridge...she eats ALL DAY LONG!)
Tate is the highlight of all that is wonderful. He has 8 (almost 9 and 10) teeth, he walks while holding onto things, he climbs stairs, and sleeps through the night. He smiles on Q and eats everything and anything he can get a hold of!
What happens when Caleb leaves his bag of cereal in Tate's room??
Having the neighbors over now that the weather is nice is great! We feel like we haven't seen them since Halloween!
FHE...During the month of April we have started Family Home Evening night with a couple of families. Everyone bring food for BBQ. The kids really love playing together and it is always fun when FHE runs long and the wives get to watch DWTS together!!!
Carson, Kina, and Aubrey
During the week our house is often full of friends for playgroups. If we aren't going and doing we are staying and playing!
TATE!!! I ran upstairs to answer the phone and I guessed he missed me! Tate is awesome!
I just know that 22 pound Tate will be great friends with 16 pound (3 month old)Ryan!!
After a morning playgroup we rounded up the kids, picked Aubrey up from school, and met more friends at Diana Rose Farmstead!!!
Ainsley. Yes, that is an entire box of Animal cookies.
Because even a "terrible two" get tired too!!! This has never happened. I was folding laundry during Elmo and is was very VERY very quiet! I ran in the room looking for Ainsley...where was she? I yelled outside and when I turned around I found a quiet beautiful angel Ainsley!

On Saturday we were invited to 2 birthday parties! Andy took Caleb too Nakisha's and I took Aubrey, Ainsley, and Tate to Nolands. It was so fun...a craft, fun games, a cake, and morning donuts included!!!
Heading down to Grandma's house. Ainsley still sucks her thumb. She has to do everything herself, dress herself, and you rarely see her without a swimsuit on or underneath her clothes! We always have fun spending Sunday afternoon at Andy's parents!
The rest of the week included another FHE night, "p" day at school which (for Aubrey) meant a purple dress, a purse purse with a princess paper sack that included a peanut butter sandwich, peanuts, a pizza lunchable, pink punch, and pringles, 3 playgoups, and Friday night at the Watts Families hosue!!

MAY 1ST 2010
Saturday morning at Home Depot!! The kids had a blast with their friends. I think Ainsley takes it the most serious. She has to nail everything by herself and she loves it!
Ainsley, Alec, Sea, Caleb, Malcolm, Aubrey, and Marcello!
After Home Depot we headed to Chuck-e-cheese to have some fun!Tate had fun looking at all of the lights and eating all the pizza that the kids would secretly hand to him!
After a fun morning out and about we came home to relax and I let the kids have a cookie. Aubrey bit into her "spring time" oreo.....there goes her first tooth!!

Hopefully, May will be just as fun as April!!! With the school year coming to an end I can smell summer getting closer!!! Thank goodness!

Also, not included in the blog... I re landscaped the front yard and painted the front door lime green!!! I scored 10 new awesome toys at a free garage sale, and Aubrey completed the first 12 weeks of her speech program...excelling from a 56% to 91%!! We are so proud of her and how far she has come!!


Papa Griner said...

Love your blog. The kids are all soooo cute!

Brittany Hepworth said...

You kids are so cute! I love hearing about your days!! They are always so full and busy doing something so fun! I guess I'm a boring Mom.
Tate is a rock! Symi is only pushing 17 lbs and she's almost a month older than him!