Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is lame?

Since my sister "kindly" reminded me to update my blog let me quickly state why it has taken me so long. In the last two weeks I have done 5 play groups, 2 trips to the museum, re-done the landscaping, painted the front door, stained the wood in the family room, re-pained the dinning room, re-stained the cabinets in the kitchen, added a final glaze/seal, and patched up the holes in the main floor walls!
I have subbed twice in Primary, watched Aubrey give an excellent Talk, attended a 5 teacher Parent Teacher Conference, and helped Ainsley become diaper free! I have picked weeds, cleaned bathrooms, and landed some awesome toys at the neighbor hood free garage sale! Sweet!

I'll skip over the hours(that have turned into days) I have spent arguing with the insurance company over autism/ LD health care benefits or being shuffled from waiting list to waiting list for the programs and evaluations need to continue in the right direction....sigh!
Onto happiness!!!Our old house. With a little bit of color it looks much better. I still have to paint the trim and stucco but.... much better!
We ended last week with a fun play group at the Adkin house. Ainsley was in heaven with all the climbing! It was nice to get out of the house after being stuck inside with the rain!!!Saturday afternoon's Luau!
38 people, 3 languages, and a pinata makes for the perfect end of the year party! 87 degrees, The classroom teacher, and a trampoline only made the party MORE fun!
Tate was a big fan of the party but not a big fan of his toes touching the grass!
Aubrey patiently waiting for Nakisha to arrive!
Alec took a swing at the pinata while a line started forming!
After each child had hit the pinata 5 times Caleb just wanted the candy out already!
Caleb: Enjoying the pinata treats on the trampoline with Kayli and her little sister!
All dressed up, clean, and stain free....for now!
Caleb...full of excitement and ready for his last day of school!
How could he go to his last day without flowers for his teacher?!
Caleb his usual silly self!
Caleb shook Miss Susan's hand upon receiving his diploma!
Caleb's preschool class!
Caleb and his best friend Alec!
Miss Susan, Caleb, Aubrey, and a distracted Ainsley!
After the "graduation" we headed to Chuck-e-cheese with the Marinov family for a little fun!!!
After 2 hours of playing, the ride home proved to be enough for one day!!
Will I survive summer with 4 kids??
With tomorrow starting DAY 1....I guess I better go get some sleep!

Also exciting...
Ainsley is potty trained!! WOOT WOOT!
Tate can wave and hold his own! He is still wonderful but do not stick your finger in his mouth! You will loose it!!!
A big congrats to Spencer for graduating BYU and starting PT school!

Things you stick at the end..
While I do not mean to get emotional I cant NOT forget to say how much our little family has grown this school year. All of the challenges, the tears, the therapy's. All of the new friends, parties, and the feeling of not being alone. It's nice. Pathetic that, as a mom, it has taken me 5 years to finally find a friend. The kind of friend that knows I hate to use the dust pan, our masted bedroom is the room that everything get thrown, and one the knows that an invitation (especially on a bad day)is never needed so just come over!


Julia said...

It is so fun to see all the pictures of your adorable kids and see all of their progress. All of them are so stinkin' cute and I think your oldest looks SO much like you! You have an amazing little family and your house is looking great! Glad to hear everyone is progressing well and also glad to hear i'm not the only Mom out there who is struggling (or has struggled) to find a good friend close by. It's amazing how much harder it is to make those connections now with a family. Congrats on the amazing year!!(and surviving it!)

KeiserFamily said...

so fun you have a house you can make your own! i cannot wait for that day!!! also it made me smile when you talked about finally finding a friend after five year..i know exactly how you feel. school, moving,and lots of little ones makes it hard to really get to know people. im so glad you found that, i'd say for a mom a good friend is essential! especially when sisters arent close by:)

Laura said...

I think that you are one of the busiest moms that I know. Your kids are lucky that they have you!

Ella said...

I love the green door, have I said that yet? I agree with Laura, your kids are lucky!