Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have been meaning to blog. I really have, but along with the stories you are about to read our camera has halfway broke and our brand new computer crashed. It's okay, I was able to get some good pictures but not as many as usual;)

SCHOOLS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!I have waited for this day since a week into school. No more taking and picking up the kids, No more homework, No more "where are my shoes?, where is my library book?, But today is green day?" I have been looking towards summer as FREEDOM! So what better way to start off freedom then throwing a party!!!
Ainsley, Mikial, Caleb, and Alec...ready to start off Summer!Unfortunately freedom was short lived because sickness struck hard two days later. 3 children with Croup and a Tater with RSV. It was so sad. The coughing, the crying, the plea for waffles. I told the kids that they wouldn't be able to swallow them but they pleaded so I made them....of course I was right. Poor kids.
The problem with everyone being sick is that I realized how completely unorganized and dirty my house is. Also, since no one has left the house all of the kids shoes are suddenly found!
Poor Tate. He got sick so quickly and had trouble breathing. I quickly rushed all 3 kids to the doctor and Tate was given a shot and put on an inhaler.After 4 days of sickness had passed with no sign of anyone getting better, my hopes of a tan at the pool vanished and survival mode kicked in. Keeping the kids down, monitored, and comfortable was almost impossible until I cared holes in boxes so that every child could have their own house! Pretty smart! The next 4 days were spent watching movies in boxes!
After 2 weeks of sickness we were ready for some fun. Aubrey went to spend the weekend at Grandma Griner's house so we let Caleb have a boys night!
Alec, Ainsley, Liam, Mikial, Malcolm, and Caleb!!
Icecream, The Incredibles, Pizza, Cookies, and Juices Boxes!! What a party!
Ainsley loves the water. I was surprised when she kept sticking her head all the way under the water! Swimming Playgroups...we have had a lot of friends come swimming with us. Yes, I let them walk to the pool while I follow them in the van. I see nothing wrong with it. Not only does it provide exercise, it wears them out!!!!
Tate loves the pool. He especially loves the snacks that I take to the pools!
After weeks of begging Andy finally said okay to Shawnee Pool Passes! For $110 we can go to any Shawnee Pool all summer!!!! That included the water park: SPLASH COVE!!!
Neighborhood pool in the morning and then off to Splash Cove in the afternoon!
We have acquired quite the tans and swimming skills while hopping from pool to pool to pool! Twice a day we go to the pool and it has been a blast!
I love Tate. Everything about Tate. He goes to bed at 5:00 pm and wakes up at 6:00am. He eats, laughs, stands without holding onto anything, climbs all of the stairs, take one really good nap, and loves his mom! There are 2 downfalls....the nakedness. When changing his diaper he wiggles and moves and climbs. While I was reaching for the desitin he climbed up the couch and tried to open the back door!!!! Changing Tate really should be a 3 person job! The other problem is my front door 4th of July Star...every time I take him out the front door he reaches for it and tears off a part!!! EVERY TIME! Its amazing how much will power a little toot has!
Ainsley and Tate. If Ainsley ever sees that Tate is out of food she will place food on the floor in front of him!
The other day I watched a friends 4 kids (all under the age of 5). Tate loves the company!
Some times going to the pool just makes the kids tired!
Ainsley still sucks on her thumb and takes her bunny blanket everywhere along with something Elmo related!
We have had a busy June. Not in the pictures is SWIMMING LESSONS for Aubrey and Caleb! They love them! They practice and now they can both swim in the deep end without life jackets! The both jump into the pool without life jackets and Aubrey can dive!

Aubrey- Colors constantly and loves to take care of Tate! She has started a new Speech Therapy Program at CMHS and loves spending 2 nights at Grandma's house!
Caleb- Is so funny, he is constantly talking, and making everyone laugh!
"Mom, if you poke your eye out will you grow a new one?"
"Why is Malcolms hair never messy? Can I use oil in my hair?"
Caleb whistles and snaps his fingers VERY LOUD.
At weird hours of the nights I hear Caleb whistling and very very very early in the morning!
Caleb also had his first sleepover! He spend the night at the Alon's house!!!!
Ainsley- Or should I say ELMO'S #1 FAN! Elmo cup, Elmo bowl, Elmo cartoon, Elmo cereal...Elmo Elmo Elmo! Usually all I have to say is Oh, this is Elmo cereal or I draw a picture of Elmo on a cup. This Elmo obsession is out of control!
Ainsley is successfully potty trained, talking in sentences, and very independent.
Tate- Well, Tate is perfect! He goes OH AND AW with his little lips and gives kisses!

What a month...also, we held a baby shower for a Spanish Speaking mom from Caleb's preschool. I was the only one who spoke english out of 10 moms!

Congrats to Seth and Karalee on their handsome baby Dallen!!


Seth said...

you guys have this sick ability to crash computers like nobody else i've ever known or even heard of. congrats. i love the pictures of tater, though ... way cute hair-do. and i'm so proud of caleb and aubrey for swimming! that's so cool.

Bryan and Katie said...

I remember spending the summer with you guys at the community pool! so fun!