Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Summer Summer
June June June

All dressed up and ready for church. Record time I must add...Everything prepared the day before, nails painted, hair done, and teeth brushed!
I squeezed Tate into sandals (his feet cant fit into normal shoes they are to wide from top to bottom) and he cant fit into his church pants any more so shorts it was!
Caleb's hair is growing perfectly and turning white from all of the sun!
After church during nap time...of course Caleb doesn't nap.Monday at swim lessons. Ainsley and her best friend Makiya!
On Monday after swimming lessons a bunch of extra friends joined us for a full day at Splash Cove! It was perfectly hot, the water was full of kids, and we packed extra food!
Ainsley and Carson were together constantly. Holding hands, going deaper and deeper in the water, and sun bathing together!
Ainsley loves bandaids. She always wants one and says she hurts in the weirdest spots!
July 1st
Pretty Ainlsey! All dressed up and ready for her friends 3rd Birthday Party at Diana Rose Farmstead! I wanted to make it extra special for her so I dropped the 2 older kids off at The Alons house and Ainsley got more and more excited the closer we got!
Once we got to the Farm I held Tate and Ainsley waiting in line with her friends to ride the pony!
You were suppose to be 3 but Ainsley was brave enough to hop right now! She loved and was so excited!
She has a blast waiting and watching with her friends. Looking at all the animals and playing.
She loved the goats. Feeding them, chasing them, and pulling their tails! Sandwiches, Slides, Cupcakes, a pinata, and most importantly the present she picked out just for Lucy!
July 2nd...what do you do when it's perfect outside?
Clean out to van and lounge around until our friends arrived to swim!
The neighborhood was quiet with almost everyone out of we could be a silly and loud as we wanted! 5 families met us and we headed to the neighborhood pool for a long swim and a yummy lunch! Then after everyone left for the pool our day turned terrifying.
Ainsley had a bad fall. A really BAD fall. Blood everywhere and coming quickly. I am so thankful I was able to get a hold of my neighbor who rushed right over. Once the bleeding stopped and she was all cleaned up I was relieved to find no broken bones and all of her teeth still in. An hour later she was running around asking for her favorite friend Reagan!
With Aubrey and Caleb gone to see Toy Story 3 (again) with their friend Sean, Ainsley's friend Reagan came over to play with her and cheer her up! They played for over an hour and then Ainsley went over to their house to see their Vacation RV!!!
July 3rd!!! Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Judy came up and then ......
THE DICKSONS arrived from Kentucky!!!!!
Yummy food, the swing set, and air hockey tables helped the kids get re-acquainted!!!
Then off to the neighborhood pool! Caleb wanted a life jacket because Faith had a life jacket. Ainsley sat on a chair next to Aunt Judy and ate candy, and swimming swimming and swimming took place!!
Livvy, Aubrey, Seth, Paul, Faith, and Caleb!
Inseparable Caleb and Faith!
Finally after fireworks, Grandma and Uncle Dave's Birthday celebration, and playing it was time to go to bed! All together! Of course, this is not how it ended up....Paul and Olivia ended up in the top bunk, Ainsley and Aubrey ended up in my bed and Caleb ended up in Ainsley blanket by the door!
Faith and always!

Also this past week we took the kids at night to see ToyStory3 (so cute). A friend watched Tate while we took the 3 older kids...they loved it!
Aubrey and Caleb finished and passed swim lessons! They even get to skip the next level for the one ahead!!!!! Way to go!!! The house is clean, the van is clean, and we are heading into July head first!!! Tate also acquired a next giant tooth and is constantly saying Uh-Oh and gives kisses!

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Nicole Heape said...

oh my goodness poor Ainsley. Kids their so clumsy but so tough at the same time. Your kids are adorable and I just love reading your posts.