Saturday, July 31, 2010

With 3 birthday parties, a trip to Crown Center, a trip to the doctor, First Steps, the POOL, and play groups we have been pretty busy.
Over the last 2 weeks I have also learned the reality of actually being a mom. It's very hard. Maybe it is hard because I am young (although mid-20's is halfway to 30), the lack of sleep doesn't help...but these past two weeks I have found it hard because I am not a "cool fun hip" mom. I do not know the words to Justin Beiber songs, I think that light up sketcher twinkle toe shoes are to ugly to cost $49, and I had no idea that the child (whom I gave birth too)would be so embarrassed when I ran up to him and gave him a kiss for going off the diving board.

Enough about that and onto our week!!Somehow at Makiya's party modesty went right out the window. The heat set in with the humidity so fast...I felt bad for my poor heat stricken children! But I couldn't help but take this picture!

We started last week off by going to Crown Center for the Clifford exhibit!
3 wonderful things a mom would love about it:
1. It's free
2. Water
3. The candy store next door was closed due to flooding!!!
Tate had to fight for his turn on this toy! A big kid kept trying to take it from him! Tate held is ground though!!
Ainsley headed straight to the dress up clothes!
Aubrey loved reorganizing the flowers and playing in the drawing center!
Note: This is not the intended use for this display. But after Caleb did it, a line of toddlers started to form behind him! What a if only we can channel his leadership into something more parent friendly!!!
After playing at the Exhibit, we headed across the street to the water shoots!!!It was the perfect day!! We were so lucky to have the Nash family, Ogle family, and AubreyAnna there to play with!
Of course, Ainsley spent most of her time eating per usual! That would explain her 5 pound weight gain in just 2 months! Chunky 27 pounder!!!

For her 6th birthday she wanted a pool party! So we invited everyone to come and play! Making it more like a big playgroup was the perfect idea!!
Our "Royal Splash Party" almost became an indoor party... we were lucky!
23 kids, 11 mom's, Andy, plus us at the neighborhood pool!!! 10 pizza's, skittles, juice boxes, watermelon, cheese crackers, and a melted cupcake princess cake rounded out the party nicely! We loved having all of our friends there! There was never a dull moment!! OR QUIET!!!
Ainsley had fun too!! Although that night she ended up falling and getting really hurt...ending in a trip to the doctor the next morning. Always fun!
On Friday Paul and Marlene came up for Aubrey's birthday! Marlene made her favorite Strawberry cake!
After spending the day at the water park it was time for the CINDERELLA MUSICAL @ Theater in the Park! Marlene treated us and we met up with the Nash family! The weather was perfect!
I think his facial expression says it all...Ooooooo!
While waiting for the musical to start we walked over to the stands and Aubrey got a free "birthday popcorn!" The kids also got free bubbles, treasure chest toys, candy necklaces, and a glow bracelet that Caleb ended up leaking all over his clothes! We had a lot of fun and the kids were asleep before we got home!!
Saturday Morning we woke up early and headed to Sean's Birthday Party at Monkey Business!! Ainsley was in heaven!! All the jumping and falling...right down her ally! After Sean's party we started the 2nd and 3rd floor transformation....all the kids rooms moved around and switched. Aubrey got Caleb's old room, Ainsley got Tate's old room, Caleb got the girls old room, and Tate gets the 5th(ish) bedroom!Ainsley loves her new room! She loves being by herself with all things Elmo! She slept in until 8am and woke up happy and cheerful!! She couldn't wait to tell Carson all about her room during Nursery!5 days later... the finished product. All painted, all cleaned, all moved in, all decorated, and all organized. One of the main reason for the room switch was the TENT that her friends gave her for her birthday. Not to mention the year supply of paper, markers, and other coloring utensils!Yes, that really is light purple on the wall (Andy thought it was white for at least 16 hours but I proved him wrong). I cant believe Aubrey is 6. She loves to swim, color, draw, paint, play dress up, and put together puzzles! She is looking forward to Kindergarten and meeting new friends!!
Happy Birthday Aubrey Jean!
This ends our July but not without excitement from TATE!
He has started officially walking! He took 8 steps during Sunday School and has been walking little by little all week. He loves to give kisses and he loves to point and wave! We love our Tater...he's almost 1!!!


.Lane & Jesika. said...

Sara, I swear that you NEVER stop! I can't believe all of the things that you do with your kids. Whoever thinks that being a stay home mom is easy should read your blog. You amaze me. I am pretty sure that you guys need to hire your own live in doctor and nurse, or just buy your own hospital. Thanks for always making me laugh with your posts. You ROCK as a mom!

Karalee and Seth said...

You do so many fun things with your kids! I don't know how you find all of these fun activities or the energy to do them all! I hope I can be a fun party throwing mom when Dallen gets older. The kids are so cute! Exciting that Tate is walking!