Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Beginning of August!

Swimming, the farm, 3 birthday parties, discovered allergies, and kids club!! The beginning of August has definitely kept us on our toes!
This picture was taken back before Aubrey turned 6 but I couldn't find the old camera! Aubrey going off the high dive!!!Caleb loves to jump off the diving board! He gives the life guards a scare with is slow but great swimming to the edge!!
We started the first of August off by going to the local farmstead. We tried to beat the heat by getting there at 9...boy was it super hot!!
Caleb loved watching them milk the cow!
I was surprised that Ainsley wanted to feed the goats...she loved it!! They pretty much attacked her and she put them in their place telling them to take turns and be nice!
After looking at all of the animals and playing on the play ground we went to the water area!! It was so hot!! Poor Caleb turns so red!
After the farm we decided to cool off by going to the pool. I sure love my Tater!
Tate loves the water! He loves to walk from toy structure to toy structure! If he falls down and goes under the water I just get him out, he smiles, and he starts walking all over again!FHE...running a little late from being at the pool with friends??? No problem, put dinner in a bag and walk down the street to meet some families for FHE!!!!!
(Caleb, Aubri, Spencer, Ainsley, and Aubrey)
Although, you can not see it very well in this picture Tate has a big BLACK EYE! Casualty of the pool kiddy slide! What a trooper! Happy 1st Birthday Tater! He weighs in at 25 pounds, walks, says UH-HO, YA, and HI!!! For Tate's birthday I had a couple of mom's over for a small play-group.
Pajama's and 1 year olds!!! Tate was a little tired though!
Amanda made cupcakes and Tate loved all of the attention!
Friday afternoon, still celebrating Tate's birthday...I took the kids to McDonald's to see the Magic show!!! Ainsley desperately wanted to be Ronald's assistant!!! When he called for his very last assistant Ainsley couldn't wait patiently anymore. She walked right up to him and declared herself the perfect assistant!!!When the Magic Show was over we got pictures and a free bag of toys and goodies!! Tate just wasn't sure about Ronald!!!
Saturday morning I took all 4 kids to Home Depot for the Free Kids Club!!! Making school bus pencil boxes and seeing all our summer friends was lots of fun!After home depot our we were invited to Monkey Business for our Neighbor Nathan's 5th birthday party!!! Tate walked UP the slide, Caleb playing basketball, Aubrey played in the tree house, and Ainsley played with HER best friend Reagan!
After Nathan's birthday party we walked 2 houses down to our Neighbor MaryLou's 80th birthday party!!! She is such a fun and wonderful neighbor and at the age of 80 having survived 8 kids she tells the best stories!
After MaryLou's party we drove to Lee's Summit to celebrate Tate's first birthday with Grandpa and Grandma Griner!! Caleb picked out the cake and the present!!
Tate loved his new airplane!Cake time was fun. It was hot but he loves to eat!!! Later we did regret letting him eat the cake because Tate is allergic to all dairy, eggs, and chocolate! Not not good! Poor little guy! Ainsley is a great big sister and is growing fast! She loves swings, climbing, and swimming!!!
Caleb is getting tan and his hair is turning white! He loves the eat, never sleeps, and plays all day long!
Last week we (along with Elena) joined Marlene and Aunt Judy at Starlight for her wards Mother Daughter!!! I love this tradition and have been to over 7 musicals with Marlene!!! This year we went and saw Beauty and The Beast!! It was wonderful and 103 degrees with no wind. HOT HOT HOT! We survived and had a great time!

It has been a fun first half of the month! Getting ready for school to start and taking Tate off the bottle. School supplies, new clothes, and teacher assignments. PTA fees, book fees, and trips to the doctor along with new SOY MILK.
I cant believe Tate is 1. He is such a blessing in my motherhood crazy world. Always happy, always laughing, and always wonderful. Tate is a kids favorite not only in our house but with neighbors and friends too! He loves to play with Ryan and Carson and managed to completely tackle a 14 month old (that was much bigger than him). I LOVE YOU TATE!


Laura said...

I cannot believe that Tate is already one!! Crazy.

Brittany Hepworth said...

I can't believe that Tate is 1 now!! What a cutie!

I didn't know that Tate had food allergies! Symi's allergic to all Dairy, eggs, and wheat. That's crazy that they have similar allergies! I hope it gets better! If you have any questions or need advice I have some recipes and other food alternatives to help with Tate's diet. Email me and I will give you my #.

Nicole Heape said...

Your kids are so cute. And your getting a nice tan.