Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The End of August and the Beginning of School!

It has been a busy busy busy couple of weeks. With Tate sick/teething, the kids starting school, and the pools closing life is normal again....kind of!
We kicked off the end of summer and met a bunch of friends at The Children's Museum! A rainy day cant stop us from having fun with our friends!
Aubrey's first day of school!!!! I think she was most excited to wear her sketcher shoes. Andy caved and let her get them....too cool!
Aubrey's class has 24 kids this year!!! So fun!
After Aubrey's first day of school (while I finished painting Caleb's room for his birthday) Andy took the kids for a walk down the squirrel trail!
For Caleb's party 44 kids showed up!! 10 pizza's, a Batman cake, a table of snack food, and the slip n' slide made the party rock!!! It was burning hot outside but the kids didn't mind!Not a good idea to hand out whistles... Whistles plus 44 kids...
sooooooooooooo loud!!
The party was also the end of the slip n' slide...some how is blew up.
The only down side to 44 kids is 44 presents. 44 PRESENT!!!!!!!
I kind you not, you should have seen it! Hot Wheels, Water gun, Nerf gun, Machine Gun, Books, Zu Zu Pets, new clothes, loud car, Geo Tracks, PJ'S, and HOT WHEELS!!!
It really was a fun party and now Caleb is 5!!! I love my kk!!
After school the kids love when the Rudd kids come over!! Caleb started football practice!! He loves it!!! He is the shortest and youngest but its going to be great for him!!!!In Aubrey's eyes these bracelets are a "must have." Of course, you cant just wear one!
Friday morning it was just Ainsley, Tate, and Me. Boy is was quiet!!!
Taking just the 2 of them for a walk on the Squirrel trail was fun too!
Tate walked into the middle of the dug up soccer fields while I was putting the stroller back in the van. Why?!! He sure is fast when I am not looking!
He had no shame...just dirt all over his face!!
The first Saturday in September= Home Depot Kids Club!
Even Tate likes to get involved!!
This is his usual face. He is saying "UH-OH"!
The kids have started taking it really seriously!
Ainsley even did her all by herself!
After home depot he drop down to Windsor for the yearly September Fest!!! And of course, a stop by the "#1 dentist"!!!
Ainsley wasn't even scared!!!
Tate even saw Grandpa as a dentist for the first time!! 2 new teeth cutting through!!
After a yummy lunch the kids tried out a couple of rides at the carnival!!! Ainsley loved loved loved it!!!
After Labor Day, Tuesday, September 7th, Ainsley had her very first day of preschool!
"S" day!! "S" for school, start, silly, serious, sit, and stand. All very important for a Successful first day of preschool!!!
Caleb's 3rd day of football practice!!! He is the Left End!!!
Tate....if ever he gets quiet this is where we find him. He likes to play with the buttons of the phone and has learned how to repeat messages saved!!! TATE!!

It's been a fun couple of weeks.
** Tate is climbing on and into everything, going up and down the stairs super fast, and he like to carry the pots and pans around. If the bathroom doors aren't closed he will play in the toilet.... I think he searches the first chance he gets for an open bathroom door!! He weighs 26 1/2 pounds!!!
**Ainsley is talking a lot now. Using sentences, helping with everything, and still sucking her thumb! She is always asking Why?
**The kids are doing really well with their chore charts and Caleb loves having daily homework!! He doesn't nap, is hungry all day long, hyper all day long, and never wants to go to bed at night!!

I must say I am so sad to see summer go. The pools are closed, the grass is completely dead, and the big box of fun pops are almost gone!
Ode to the summer of 2010!! It was a blast!!


Karalee and Seth said...

I am glad you updated your blog! I love looking at all of your fun adventures. Tate looks so big! I love Aubrey's back to school outfit! She is a beautiful little girl. Such a cute little family.

syds said...

ainsley is my mini me. She has my teeth. poor girl.

Kristen and Spencer said...

I've been waiting for your update! I can't believe how big Tate is, in the pic of him and Ainsley he looks as big as she is :) It looks like you had an awesome, busy summer!

The Hokansons said...

Cute pictures. All of your kids are adorable! We have only lived in Omaha for a little over a month. We are here for dental school. Where do you live?

We are the Dall family said...

You have not updated in a long time. You need to get working on that.....