Sunday, July 18, 2010


Since the 4th of July we have been very busy with things that are extremely important like going to the pool, playing at the pool, and swimming at the pool. Going to bed late and sleeping in until 7:00am is the norm, and hanging out with friends is a daily "of course!" Pool by morning and Pool by night, new adventures like big slides, deep end, and The Diving Board. Cousin sleep overs, friend sleep overs, and a fixed dishwasher....woot woot!
A birthday party, a new tooth, a sweet tan line, and sugar snap peas along with Israel snack food. "I love yous", first steps, and "oh for goodness sakes!" Bracelets with shapes, diving sticks, and melted fruit roll ups. All of these things describe the month of July! We love July!!On Monday night our cousins arrived in time for a bbq, playing with the neighbors, and bed!! Tuesday morning came and the 3 older cousins stayed while the younger one headed home to Kentucky with Uncle Dave and Aunt Clair!!! Then the fun began. With 7 kids pool toys fly, sunscreen runs out, and chicken nuggets dissolve right before my eyes!! With 7 kids the laughter is louder, the playing is rowdier, and the sleepovers are a blast!!!! With 7 kids $.75 for an ice cream cone adds up but watching all 7 kids with ice cream on their faces is hilarious!! With the weather hot HOT we hopped form pool to pool!!! By night mount of excitement could stop the inevitable...crash

not even the excitement of "Uncle" Andy buying The Lightning Thief could stop them!20 minutes into the movie...everyone was asleep!The only problem with everyone falling asleep downstairs is waking them up and taking the too bed!!! 6 times up and down the stairs....that's a lot of stairs and a lot of carrying!! Tate is just awesome!!! He took his first 3 steps and cut a new tooth in the back!!! He waves and points. He plays catch and hide n' seek. He is a climber and an eater!!! He is now wearing 18 month clothes!!Thursday and Friday with 7 kids in toe we went to the pool in the evening but in the morning 3 additional friends joined us for playing!!! Ainsley loves having Yonny over to play!! She is quit the entertainer...twirling, singing Elmo's World, and jumping!!Aubrey kepts to herself playing with play-doh!No amount of heat or humidity stopped the younger kids from playing outside! They played "Greek Gods" and battled.
(Faith, Liam, Micha'el, Paul, and Caleb)It was a fun week!!! Lots of new excitement too!
Caleb opens his eyes under water and jumped off the diving board without a life jacket and swam to the ladder all by himself!!!!
Aubrey did too!!!
Ainsley only managed to obtain small bruises this week...she is crazy and always falling or bumping into things!!!
We love July and we loved spending time with our cousins!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom and Aunt Bonnie!!!!


Steve, Meghan & Elena said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!

Papa Griner said...

Sara, you are so active. Three of me could not keep up with you. Thanks for the blog update. You do so much swimming, is it true you used to be a mermaid? Love, Dad.

Reagan said...

Love this post! I'm glad I found your blog! You are SuperMom

Nicole Heape said...

Can I just say your Amazing. Seriously your the best mom out there!