Friday, November 26, 2010

September, October, and November

It's been a little hard to find time to sneak to the basement and update the blog but with Tate asleep, Aubrey at Grandma's, and Caleb/Ainsley watching Back to the Future with Andy now is the perfect time!
Our adjustment into fall was slow going. We missed our daily trips to the pool and endless playgroups with friends. We looked forward to the after school parties, new homework, and cooler nights! Wearing shoes again wasn't as fun though!Tate weighs 30 pounds! He is a tank. He is also completely wonderful! He loves his blanket and Ainsley's blanket! He moves and moves and climbs and moves....endlessly!
Ainsley turned 3! Elmo was a must along with 20 of her closest friends, pizza, and the park!
Ainsley's best friend is Raegan (the neighbor). For Ainlsey's birthday Raegan came over to play with her!!!
Without our trips to the pool I wasn't able to justify shoeless children. Tate loves wearing shoes though!!! If he cant find his shoes he will put on any shoes he can find!!!
With cooler weather our after school neighbor visits became routine! Aubrey looked forward to Uncle Bud and Aunt MaryLou's visits!
The first weekend in October instead of going to Windor we participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer's. It was a family filled morning with games, food, and activities!
We were able to stay in the middle of the pack during the walk!
Aubrey's school carnival!!
Surprisingly Ainsley had to try everything that everyone else did!!! She did great!
Ainsley's first day all by herself with Grandma! She was s
Caleb misses going to Preschool and he loves having Nathan stop by! Ainsley loves it too!
Aubrey was Glenda.
Ainsley was Dorthy.
Tate was the Lion.
Caleb was a Ghost.
(as much as I begged he would not be a part of our family Wizard of Oz theme"
Aubrey got to dress up for cheerleading, school, and the ward Trunk or Treat!
It took a lot of convincing for Ainsley to be Dorthy instead of Elmo. She looked great though!
Squeezing Tate into his outfit was a crack up!!! We laughed and laughed and love him!

With Halloween out of the way family pictures were a must. Unfortunately Tate wouldn't sit still so I'll have to try again in a couple of weeks.
Aubrey (6)
Caleb (5)
Ainsley (3)

It just so happened that a couple of days after family pictures take walked into a bench and acquired a MAJOR BLACK EYE!
Tate's black eye didn't stop him from moving a chair over to the counter, climbing onto the chair, and reaching for some hot chocolate!
I tried to sneak a quick shower before our doctor's appointment....he finds food so easily!
We were so excited to go and see Aubrey's school Thanksgiving Program. We practiced her line "Smash them until they are Soft and Smooth" and we practiced all of the songs. A surprise came with the teacher had each child stand up and say something they are thankful for....Aubrey stood and said "Jesus and Heavenly Father!" We were shocked and proud!!!
After her program they had a feast!
Tate always seems to know when the child lock isn't on the fridge. He heads right to it to open and look through!
Tate's favorite seat in the house. If ever I feel a draft I know that he is sitting in the fridge!
Thanksgiving Pie time! Each child gets to make one pie and they were excited. Ainsley made a Candy Bar Pie, Aubrey helped make the Apple Pie, and Caleb helped make the fresh pumpkin pie and Cherry Cheesecake! They all turned out wonderful!
Ainsley was very proud and her pie required the most steps so it took the longest to make!
Tate can climb up the slide onto the trampoline! He loves jumping with the big kids and loves running and falling into the net!
With Thanksgiving over Tis' the Season.... hopefully, we can keep up and stay healthy!!


Kristen and Spencer said...

Finally! :) Your kids are so cute and growing up so fast! I can't believe Tate! Their pictures are so adorable! That was so sweet about Aubrey :)

We are the Dall family said...

Love the update! your kids are so cute!

Moses Family said...

I love that Aubrey said she was thankful for Jesus and Heavenly Father...what a great kid! And she obviously has wonderful parents! :)

Adah said...

I love that you do pies with each of them. Maybe I should start that. The pictures are great I hope you were able to get some of Tate eventually.